Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big News

Dear Family,

I feel like I JUST emailed you, but I still have quite a bit to tell you this week.
We'll just get the news out of the way. I had an interview with President Moon this week and he told me that he probably wasn't going to have me train anymore. :( The girl who is coming who I am supposed to train probably won't be here for a little while more, so by the time she gets here I won't even be able to be with her for two transfers, so I think he just decided it's just easier if I don't. I'm actually SUPER bummed. Training is so fun. Training Sister Davis was definitely the funnest transfer of my mission. BUT you know, it's all okay. Because actually even more news, he said he is going to have me go serve in a different area.

So today I am changing areas to Chamkarmon. It is in Phnom Penh. And I will be with... Sister Kacher and Sister Kean!! Sister Kacher is finishing her mission in 2 weeks so after she goes it will just be me and Sister Kean. AND Sister Kean is actually a member from Kampong Cham who helped me ALL the time the whole 6 months I was there. So I know her quite well already. I think it will be good. Chamkarmon is about as opposite as you can get from Trash Mountain. I am excited, I think.

I actually feel really sad to be leaving this Ward. Don't get me wrong, it has been SO HARD. I have never had a harder time on my mission, but I also feel like I love these people so much despite a lot of disappointments. And I feel like I didn't get to see much progress while I was there. But that being said, yesterday I actually felt quite strongly that things are progressing! We had some members come who haven't come in a bit, our Relief Society set up visiting teaching, we are having regular meetings with the Bishop and Ward Council! In "Preach My Gospel" it talks about leaving your area better than you found it. And I feel like I have done that. It still needs a lot of work but I feel comforted that it really is better than I found it!

Also remember a few weeks ago I told you we dropped a lot of our investigators hoping some new things would open up! Well guess what, they did! We have received like 5 referrals recently, and hopefully they will be good!

Also yesterday when I was fasting I kind of fasted for a trash mountain miracle, and we really had one! Remember my investigator Sonia, who got baptized here like a month or so ago. Well, after she got baptized she never was able to come back to church. Complicated family problems. Including her mom being less-active as well. Sister Khut and I have been devastated about this, but we have been trying everything. And yesterday not only did Sonia come, but so did her mom Ming Sissy (which is probably even more of a miracle!) and her older sister. Nothing could have been better for my last Sunday here! I feel like Heavenly Father really did answer my prayers and fasting. It was wonderful!

This past week I went on another exchange with Sister Tieng and Sister Allen. Sister Allen is a new sister of a few weeks and Sister Tieng is training her. They actually live in the Stung Mean Chey house with me, but I went and served with them in their area for a day. SMC 1st ward, again! My first area. Once again, I was so happy to go back. I have decided that I LOVE that area and I'm so sad I can't serve there again! But the exchange was really good!

I had to say goodbye to Bong Lily yesterday. If you remember she is my AMAZING investigator who got baptized a few weeks ago. I really love her a lot. I was so sad to say goodbye. But I know that she will do amazing things. And I told her in a few months I'll be back to introduce my parents to her. :)

Also this past week we went and taught this girl who is like 9 years old. She and her mom are recent converts but they haven't been to church for months. So we were teaching her and her little sister about the Second Coming and how we need to prepare and stuff. And can I just tell you, they were so into it. It was the best lesson ever. We were asking about what we have to do to prepare and Reanna, the older one was like, "Can I wear my hair down or do I have to pull it up when He comes?" and "I think it would be better if I wear a white shirt and a black skirt. That would be appropriate. Some people would probably wear colored shirts, but that is not good enough". HAHAHA And then I was talking about how we don't know when He will come. "It could be tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year," and then the younger sister Brenda blurts out, "But it will probably be next week." So there you have it family. Get ready. According to Brenda, the Second Coming is happening this week! And you all best be wearing white shirts.

Well I guess that is all I have this week! I love you all!!

Sister Homer

You can't tell, but this is a beautiful little pond with lily pads!

Houses in Cambodia are really tall and skinny.

My sweet Sonia!

Typical trash mountain house.

Cute member in TM.  She is holding a Liahona!

Bishop's daughters

TM destroyed my shoes!

Me, Sister Khut, Sister Ray

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