Sunday, October 5, 2014

Closing Remarks . . .?

Hey guys,

Well, is anyone else just starting to feel kind of sick? Or is that just me? Honestly it's kind of starting to hit me and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Maybe we just won't talk about that for a minute.

This week was actually really good! In order to get people ready for conference we have been teaching a lot about Following the Prophet. WOW! I love teaching this lesson! I know that we have a prophet called of God, and telling people about him is just about the best thing ever! It is the best to teach it near conference too because the invitation is perfect to invite them to attend conference! "we thank thee oh God for a prophet!!!" I can't wait to see conference! I hope you all enjoyed it!

We did get to watch the women's session though. It was really good as well and I love how they focused on the temple a lot. But I do have one question, President Uchtdorf mentioned a "life-hack". Life hack? What is that??? I am so out of touch with reality!! President Uchtdorf knows more about social media than I do!!!

Also you will never believe this. Yesterday a returned missionary and his wife and son showed up to our branch. Somewhat rare, but it happens. I didn't really talk to them until relief society. She didn't have anyone to translate for her, so I did. Well do you know who she is? She is Annalee Mickelson's niece! Her blood-relative! Woah!! What a small world! That was so cool! 

Also this week I had one of the best experiences of my mission, what great timing! Maybe I have told you a little bit about Bong Noreen. She served a mission in the states about 10 years ago and we've been meeting with her once a week helping her to come back. Well we went on Monday and we taught a lesson about tithing. We knew that she obviously already knew about tithing, so we read about the young rich ruler instead and also in Jacob 2:18-19. It was a good lesson! But really it was just a pretty normal lesson. She was being kind of sassy and saying she didn't know if she ever received blessings from tithing. So we left and blah blah blah nothing happened. But the next day we got a text from her that went something along these lines, "I'm so sorry I said those things last night, I didn't intend to. I used to be a missionary and bear my testimony all the time. Sometimes I am busy and lazy and don't apply my faith. But from now on I will pay my tithing because I want to show my faith and I want to receive blessings from Heavenly Father." I can't describe how happy I felt when I read that message. She has yet to come to church, but we can see that the spirit really is working on her and we know that any week now she will come back to church as well! What a special experience! I wrote down the full text in my journal, so maybe I'll read it to you when I get home. It was so cool!!

Also, I really feel like she is specifically one of the reasons I am here in this area right now. I haven't felt that often on my mission, so it is really sweet. Also she and her dad have invited Mom and Dad to dinner there on Saturday night. Are you down for that? I'm not sure if it's for sure happening nor do I know details, but how do you feel?

So I have been reflecting on my life and I realized that I have developed quite a few habits that are probably unusual in America. Such as: 
  • grunting yes
  • using my skirt as a sweat rag... that's a good one.
  • eating with a spoon and fork at the same time, one in each had. I don't remember quite but I feel like in America this might be somewhat barbaric.
  • wearing spandex under my skirts
  • being really blunt about peoples' weight
  • taking peoples' scriptures from them, opening to the right page, and then helping them read it. I just feel like all those things would not work in America if I tried to do that to anyone over the age of 14. Especially not 50 years old people, like I do here.
  • riding directly into oncoming traffic
  • not doing my hair
So yeah I'm seriously so sorry by any offensive things I do and I promise I'm not trying to be offensive and if you could just kindly correct me that would be helpful and appreciated. :)

So I guess that is really all I have but I just really want you all to know how much I love my mission. It has not been what I thought or would have expected, or even what I wanted, but it has been everything I needed. There is a verse I came across that I think describes my mission quite well: D&C 112:13. There has kind of been a lot of tribulation, but I truly have been converted. I love this gospel I love this church. And I know that Heavenly Father really has and will heal me from the hard things about my mission. I know He lives. I know He is so aware of us and very patient with us. I know this gospel changes lives for the better. This is true! I love it! I love the Book of Mormon so much and it truly does testify of Christ. He is our Savior! And I just can't wait to serve Him forever! 

I guess that next time we talk I'll be in America, or I guess Mom and Dad will be here in Cambodia. Wow! I love you all so much!!

Sister Homer