Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey fam

Suasdei krom kruasaa robah khnom!

This week was another good one! Surprise! One of the coolest things that happened this week was with our investigator Ming Slippy. I've told you about her and how she kinda indefinitely will not be baptized unless something big changes, BUT she is still coming to chuch every week and the gospel is making a big impact on her life. It's really cool. Well, she doesn't know how to read, but really wants to. So, we have been going and reading the kids Book of Mormon with her so she can remember the pictures. But she has been trying so hard to learn to read, and all of the sudden she can like, just read. She obviously had some foundation somewhere in her mind. But seriously, it is incredible to watch her learning to read! She tries so hard on each word and she gets to the end of the sentence and is just exhausted. But she's doing it and she is SO EXCITED!! And the amazing this is, she's learning with the scriptures. And she says that is the main reason she wants to learn, is so she can study the things we learn about at church. I know that Heavenly Father is really helping her because of her righteous desire. It's amazing!

But this is actually an interesting thing that Sister Davis and I were discussing this week about uneducated people here in Cambodia. There are two young girls who come to English class and they don't know a lick of English. So I have been going through and teaching them the alphabet. The thing is, it's not sticking. It is so so difficult for them. And I've thought so much about why that is, and I think it is because they aren't very educated even in Khmer. One of them literally doesn't go to school - doesn't know Khmer script. And I think that like, because they never really learned how to learn, and we know their parents don't help at home, they are just in this state where learning new things is really, really hard. It is FASCINATING. And so sad to see. Especially because the one who knows nothing, honestly is smart. You can see it when she looks through the picture book I have, she devours it. Never have I ever felt so strongly about parents helping to educate their children even from the time they are in diapers. It is so important!!!!!!! You really do need to learn how to learn at a young age, otherwise, it appears later in life you just will struggle!

K so, remember that amazing girl I told you about last week, Srei Katie. Well, she called us this week and wanted to ask us some questions, so we met with her. I don't know how it is possible, but she got even more amazing. We were answering her questions and she just started bawling. She wants to join the church so bad but she is so discouraged because she can't. She is incredible. She is brilliant. She has more conviction for this gospel than most people I have ever met, even in Utah. I can't describe her to you, but she is amazing! Absolutely astonishing! And she really does get it! She is asking like deep doctrinal questions. I am just praying so hard for her parents hearts to be softened.

So, we have another amazing member in this branch who I'm pretty sure I've told you about before. Her name is Ming Samantha and we go and read the little kids' Book of Mormon to her because she can't read. Well we went this week and she brought it out and she wanted to review from the beginning. She sat there and recited chapter after chapter by just looking at the pictures, and she was so accurate. There were very few inaccuracies. It was amazing! The Book of Mormon stories have really sunk deep into her heart. She is absolutely incredible. The spirit was so sweet in her house. She is just one of the purest people I've ever met.

SO, update on our amazing investigator Srei Tracie. She is so golden. She is probably the most golden investigator I've had my whole mission. Well, her house is actually in Pochentong branch boundaries. She really, really didn't want to go there ,and we told her we would just ask if she could still go to our branch because her house is so close and everyone else in Cambodia goes to whatever branch they want anyway. Well, I talked to President Moon, and it was a no. Which I'm really okay with because people need to be going to their right branches for the Church to grow here. BUT, anyway, we had to tell Srei Tracie, and she looked like she was just going to break into tears. We have done such a good job getting her integrated into this branch, it's been incredible, so it's reasonable why she doesn't want to change. But what Sister Melton and I did was help explain the big picture about eventually going to the temple, and fulfilling callings, and helping the Church grow in Cambodia. And then I shared with her about my experience coming to Cambodia. I told her about how all growing up I dreamed of going on a mission and then how Spanish became a big part of my life - my major - and how that was everything I wanted. And then how I got called to come to Cambodia. You all know the story. But I just helped her see that Heavenly Father's will really is so much more than ours. And sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it hurts, and sometimes we don't understand, but that is where faith and trust come in. And we know that Heavenly Father always has a plan for us. After all of that she was like "I really do have to go to Pochentong, don't I?" And we were like, "yes, yes you do." And then she was like "I'll do it because I know that I need to do what Heavenly Father wants me to do." WOW. She is amazing! I know you all are probably not understanding why changing branches is a big deal, but for whatever reason that is actually a REALLY big deal here in Cambodia that we are dealing with a ton. But I'm just amazed by Srei Tracie's faith. I'll be so sad to give her up, but not really because it's best for her and for the growth of Pochentong! So overall it was an amazing lesson!

You know it's the hot season in Cambodia when: You are dripping with sweat after you hang up your laundry to dry - inside your house. You see everyone riding around in multiple layers outside, including scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Multiple times during the week you literally think you are going to pass out, oops. Yay for hot season!

Love you all family!!!! Hope all is well! I would try and crack a good April fool's day joke right now but...I've got nothing. Remember that time dad pretended like he was going to be a General Authority?? That seems to still be ingrained in my mind... painful, painful experience.

brammuay khai tiat cuab knia!!!!!

Sister Homer

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cool week!

Hey family!

This has been a good week. Working with Sister Melton is awesome!! She really does inspire me to be a better mission. Everything she does: the way she prays, the way she teaches, is so sincere. It is really a good example to me. Especially because after a year of teaching a lot of the same things, it's sometimes hard to keep that sincerity.

This week we actually had the most incredible experience. We met with a girl who actually randomly called and wanted to meet with us. She already knows SO much about the church and really wants to join, but she is only 15 and her family doesn't want her to have anything to do with it. So she called and just asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. We met with her for just a moment to explain a little bit about the Book of Mormon. But we soon found out she already knows A LOT about it. She was wondering about all the different churches, so we started talking about Joseph Smith and his experience. We were actually doing this all in English because she speaks perfect English. So Sister Melton explained everything leading up to the first vision and then she handed it over to me. I then proceeded to say the first vision perfectly in English. I don't know the first vision in English! Literally, I DON'T KNOW IT. Obviously I have heard it so many times, but I have never memorized it. I've never even tried to memorize it. I have never in my life recited it before. And it came out perfectly and the spirit was so strong. I know that the spirit helped me just then. I had nothing to do with it. It was an amazing experience. Actually our whole meeting with this girl was incedible. It was hands down the most amazing experience I've had on my mission. I'm so grateful that I was fortunate enough to be a part of it! I wish I could explain my whole experience with here, but it was amazing! I literally had chills for like 10 minutes afterward. Someday when I'm home I'll read you all my journal entry about it, cause it's long.

We also had another awesome experience. There is this family of members: a mom, and like 5 daughters. But, they are basically all inactive. Four of them were just baptized a year ago, but now they don't come to church. It's hard because they actually go to the school of a different church, so they feel pressure to go there. I sent a picture of a few of the girls kinda when I first got here. Anyway, we meet with them and they know the Bible really well but hardly know the Book of Mormon. We have been trying to get them to read it forever. Finally, I had an inspiration! Let's bribe them! So we told them that when they finish reading all of 1st Nephi and know what is going on, we will take them to get ice cream. Well, we told them that on Monday and they were so excited. They are really quite poor and have never been to get ice cream. We went back on Saturday and they had already finished!!! So today for our p-day we are going to eat ice cream with them! I know that is unconventional, but I'm so excited! They are so excited! And they read the Book of Mormon!!!!!!!!!! And they kinda know what is going on!!! I know bribing isn't great, but they are little kids with no
family support, and they are on the verge of total apostasy, so I'm just doing whatever it takes!

We also had another cool meeting with another member. She and her husband and kids have been members for like 10 years. He is an old branch president, they have been to the temple, etc. Well, they really haven't been coming as much as they should, so we stopped by to visit the Ming. I kinda thought she was maybe the reason they weren't so active, nope. We met her, and she was so sweet. She told us how for some reason Lookpuu just has kinda lost his drive for the gospel like he had before. They used to always do FHE and go to church and visit members, etc. She told us how much she misses how her family was before when they were strong. SHE GETS IT!!! She gets that there is a difference with the gospel!!! She sees the blessings! We had a really good lesson with her and just kept encouraging her. That was hard to see that her husband is holding her back, but also so good to see how much she cares! And they both came on Sunday!

I guess that is kinda all for me this week! I love you all! This gospel is so true! It's incredible, isn't it?! Don't forget it!

Love you all!
Sister Homer

Me and Sister Melton


This is Doping

Happy 1 year to me!

Would you like a pineapple the size of your apple?

A normal dinner one night.  Pumpkin Chaa. Tofu Chaa. Oh yeah, I love tofu now. Weird. Soup. Fruit.
I wish you could tell, but this is the cutest puppy eeeeever.  Besides Jax.  Don't give Jax away.
This is my grocery store.
A lot of meat.

Me and Sister Melton, just yesterday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey family!

So yes, I did get a new companion, as was expected. You won't even believe this. I am companions with Sister Melton. That really doesn't probably hold very much significance to you, but it does to me. Let me tell you. Sister Melton was in my group in the MTC and we were in the same house our first transfer, and basically without her I WOULD HAVE DIED. So, I am SO HAPPY to have her as my companion! But not only all those things, she is hilarious!!! AND she is a hard worker. We are talking, she and I are going to see miracles this transfer because of the work we are about to put in.

I'm so excited to just hit the pavement and work. You don't even understand. This is so exciting. We are both Sister Training Leaders, so no changes there. This is going to be an awesome transfer. Already it is starting off incredible. Sister Melton and I have had some really cool contacting experiences. We have done some really effective contacting. We found one girl who wants to learn, and she's pretty serious. She will be given to another branch though. We have also talked to a few other people who we will kind of follow up on.

Also, get this. Friday night we are meeting with our recent convert Stephanie. We were helping her prep for her lesson in RS on Sunday. Well, a returned missionary who is so awesome walks in and helps us. And then like 30 minutes later Stephanie's friend just walks in. Non-member. Wants to learn. We taught her a lesson. She is amazing. It was crazy. And we weren't expecting it. So cool!! And the coolest part was that basically we didn't even teach the lesson, the RM did, and she really is amazing. It was incredible!

Also, can I just tell you. I'm serving in such a cool branch. These members are really working to be ready for a Stake and to become a Ward. We had a Ward Council meeting yesterday, and our new Branch President was like just taking care of business. It was so good and it was so real. They know what they are doing. They are making plans. My mind was just blown! Seriously, incredible things are happening!

I was so sad to say goodbye to Sister Mok on Friday. I literally was just in tears saying goodbye to her. She is such an incredible person. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve with her and know her.

Guess what!! Sister Hartley, who was my MTC companion who I LOVE, just got transferred to Kampong Cham 1st branch. That is MY branch! She is going to be meeting all my wonderful members!!!! I couldn't be more happy about that!

Well, I guess I don't have much today. Sorry! Happy birthday Nick, yesterday!

I love you all!

Sister Homer

This spoon is so long.

This ice cream is so good!

Making these little Cambodia snacks . . .

Me, Sister Mok and Ming White's family.  They are a way solid family in our branch.

The house:  Me, Sister Mok, Sister Kacher & Sister Thain

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The week has come

Hey family,

The week has come that I have to say goodbye to sister Mok. But it doesn't even feel like that because we just keep on working like nothing is changing! Sister Mok is the poster child for the anti-trunky missionary campaign. Seriously, you would not even guess she is going home on Friday. And isn't it also so weird that she literally will ride like 30 minutes and be home. It must be so weird for these Khmer missionaries to end their mission. The cool thing is, I will probably still see her around ever now and then!

Usually I would know who my knew companion would be by now, but with zone conferences and stuff President Moon is busy, so I don't think we'll find out until tonight. I'm super curious actually to see who mine will be. Fingers crossed for Sister Kacher, haha, but no. I'm pretty sure she is going far away. :( But really, I think there are so many cool sisters that I would love to be companions with! So I'm excited.

So yeah, we had zone conference this week and we had Elder Funk from the Quorum of the Seventy here. He is in the area general presidency or something like that. But it was super good! Honestly, I felt the spirit so strongly. It was really nice. And I was part of some special musical numbers. I accompanied an Elder singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It's that same EFY version that I accompanied a choir for back in like August or something. It turned out good. I also accompanied these other elders in another number. Turns out I'm quite the accompanist these days. Who knew. But actually, I'm so grateful that I can do that. And I have so much fun doing it too!

On Monday evening this past week our branch did an FHE activity for all the members who are the only member in their family. It was super fun. There were a lot of young adults. We had a little lesson then we played these games around the gym. Oh my gosh. I haven't played games and had fun like that since...before my mission. I was laughing so much and I was sweating so much running around. It was SO FUN!!!!!

We had some cool things happen with investigators this week. The first was this: Sister Mok and I went to visit this less active member, Ming Mums, who is never home. But we happened to find her home and we taught her! In the process, we discovered that she is in fact not even a member. She was never baptized. She has just been coming to our church every now and then for who knows how long. haha, so that was crazy! And now she is our new investigator! And she is really committed to learning. She is actually really awesome. And she has a friend that says she wants to learn to. Unfortunately she said she might be moving soon... but we'll hand her over to other sisters if she does.

I think last week I told you a little bit about Srei Tracie. I don't remember. But she is a new investigator, and let's just say she is gold. We taught her on Saturday and she was like, "Keep talking, I want to learn more." And then she came to church on Sunday for three hours, and we hadn't planned to teach her but she was like "Sisters, I need to know more, can you teach me?" So we evaluated our plan and decided we definitely could. We taught her the plan of salvation and it was an awesome lesson! She is so cool! We committed her to be baptized on April 6th. Woohoo!

I also went on exchange this week with Sister Ray. She came to my area with me. It was good. We had some great lessons in there, and it was fun working with her because she is a hard worker and very focused. Love that. Going on exchanges every week is kinda starting to be exhausting, but it is fun too. I feel like I get to know so many more sisters.

I don't have much else this week. I do have a question though. Did Russia declare war on Ukraine? I saw a newspaper and that was the headline. It seemed pretty serious.

Also get this. You know how I told you about those leeches a few weeks ago. Well it gets worse. My little bathtub that I shower in is filled with water that doesn't drain, and that water is filled with leeches. Last night I counted 19. The issue is that, that is the shower with warm water. I'm so accustomed to warm water that going back to cold really would just be unfortunate. Though it is getting quite hot outside these days. But I've resorted to showering not in the shower, and just pulling the water spout out and standing just like, not in the shower. Hard to explain, but really it's working quite well. These leeches just really are not convenient!

I guess that is all this week! I hope you all have a great week! Go to the temple for me!


Sister Homer


Cool view.

Not great, but it's me.

Sister Mok's reaction to Fun Dip. Haha.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey guys,

Good week over here in Cambodia. But first I have an important question. If our family were stuck on an island, only natural resources, how would we fare?? Why have we never thought of this??

So this week was cool. As far as work goes it was actually kinda slow, but it was still really good! Sister Thain is back, and it is so much fun having her here!

I also went on exchange with Sister Kean in my area this week. That was really good. She actually is the girl who was my Branch Missionary help for 6 months in Kampong Cham. And now here she is on a mission! Haha, crazy! It was fun serving with her! And I felt like I was able to give her some good advice, so that was good!

I accidentally bought champagne scented hair conditioner. It had strawberries on the it okay for a missionary to use that? My plan is just to use a lot every time so that it runs out quickly. Oops.

Get this, my face, namely the portion of my face located above my upper lip, on the left side, had a couple days where it was REALLY swollen. I took a picture to show you, but it was so ugly so I deleted it. But anyway, it was the craziest thing, and I looked freaky, but it didn't stop the work!

We actually had some really cool lessons this week. One was with Ming Sophia and Nathan.  I have told you about them before I think. They are members, kinda less active. Well a bit ago I invited them to start doing family scripture study, and they insisted they just didn't have time. So I suggested that before they eat dinner together they could each just share a verse from what they had read on their own or read just a couple of verses. Well, we went back this week and guess what. THEY DID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was amazed! I was so excited!!!! Yes!!!

Also with a recent convert, Stephanie, we have been going through the gospel principles book with her. She is really good, she just needs to know more. So every time we meet with her that is what we have been doing. Well, it's been super cool, and fun to see her learn new things. This past week we read about how Christ is our Savior, chosen in pre-mortal life. And after we talked about everything she was just like "I am amazed! I want to praise him!" And you could see she just really understood. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong!

We also have a new investigator!!! Woohoo! Her name is Srei Tracie. She is 18 and she showed up to English class last Wednesday. So then we invited her to church yesterday and she came and stayed three hours, and then we met with her for a bit after. And she was like, "Can I just stay with you until 7:30?" And we were like..."uhh....sure?" It was great! But she ended up actually just hanging out with Stephanie at the church instead. So, she is golden. I'm so excited about this!

Also, our branch is really getting things together! You can tell that they are working hard to become Wards in a Stake! It is so cool. And once again, yesterday, there was REVERENCE during the sacrament!! It is amazing the difference that makes!!!!

I'm sorry this email is kinda rushed today. But guess what? Sister Mok told me that I am like the girl from the movie Enchanted. She was talking about Giselle. This is not the first time I've gotten this compliment in my life. Could there be a better compliment?  But actually, maybe there could be. Maybe I shouldn't sing so much.

K, I love you all!!

Sister Homer

I hardly took any pictures this week. But what you see is actually our epic slide.  We were moving Sister Kacher's mattresses back downstairs and . . . this happened.  Let me just say, our stairs are really steep.  Good times!  This is from the top looking down.

Me at the top.

One of our methods of getting back up.