Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey guys,

Good week over here in Cambodia. But first I have an important question. If our family were stuck on an island, only natural resources, how would we fare?? Why have we never thought of this??

So this week was cool. As far as work goes it was actually kinda slow, but it was still really good! Sister Thain is back, and it is so much fun having her here!

I also went on exchange with Sister Kean in my area this week. That was really good. She actually is the girl who was my Branch Missionary help for 6 months in Kampong Cham. And now here she is on a mission! Haha, crazy! It was fun serving with her! And I felt like I was able to give her some good advice, so that was good!

I accidentally bought champagne scented hair conditioner. It had strawberries on the it okay for a missionary to use that? My plan is just to use a lot every time so that it runs out quickly. Oops.

Get this, my face, namely the portion of my face located above my upper lip, on the left side, had a couple days where it was REALLY swollen. I took a picture to show you, but it was so ugly so I deleted it. But anyway, it was the craziest thing, and I looked freaky, but it didn't stop the work!

We actually had some really cool lessons this week. One was with Ming Sophia and Nathan.  I have told you about them before I think. They are members, kinda less active. Well a bit ago I invited them to start doing family scripture study, and they insisted they just didn't have time. So I suggested that before they eat dinner together they could each just share a verse from what they had read on their own or read just a couple of verses. Well, we went back this week and guess what. THEY DID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was amazed! I was so excited!!!! Yes!!!

Also with a recent convert, Stephanie, we have been going through the gospel principles book with her. She is really good, she just needs to know more. So every time we meet with her that is what we have been doing. Well, it's been super cool, and fun to see her learn new things. This past week we read about how Christ is our Savior, chosen in pre-mortal life. And after we talked about everything she was just like "I am amazed! I want to praise him!" And you could see she just really understood. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong!

We also have a new investigator!!! Woohoo! Her name is Srei Tracie. She is 18 and she showed up to English class last Wednesday. So then we invited her to church yesterday and she came and stayed three hours, and then we met with her for a bit after. And she was like, "Can I just stay with you until 7:30?" And we were like..."uhh....sure?" It was great! But she ended up actually just hanging out with Stephanie at the church instead. So, she is golden. I'm so excited about this!

Also, our branch is really getting things together! You can tell that they are working hard to become Wards in a Stake! It is so cool. And once again, yesterday, there was REVERENCE during the sacrament!! It is amazing the difference that makes!!!!

I'm sorry this email is kinda rushed today. But guess what? Sister Mok told me that I am like the girl from the movie Enchanted. She was talking about Giselle. This is not the first time I've gotten this compliment in my life. Could there be a better compliment?  But actually, maybe there could be. Maybe I shouldn't sing so much.

K, I love you all!!

Sister Homer

I hardly took any pictures this week. But what you see is actually our epic slide.  We were moving Sister Kacher's mattresses back downstairs and . . . this happened.  Let me just say, our stairs are really steep.  Good times!  This is from the top looking down.

Me at the top.

One of our methods of getting back up.

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