Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cool week!

Hey family!

This has been a good week. Working with Sister Melton is awesome!! She really does inspire me to be a better mission. Everything she does: the way she prays, the way she teaches, is so sincere. It is really a good example to me. Especially because after a year of teaching a lot of the same things, it's sometimes hard to keep that sincerity.

This week we actually had the most incredible experience. We met with a girl who actually randomly called and wanted to meet with us. She already knows SO much about the church and really wants to join, but she is only 15 and her family doesn't want her to have anything to do with it. So she called and just asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. We met with her for just a moment to explain a little bit about the Book of Mormon. But we soon found out she already knows A LOT about it. She was wondering about all the different churches, so we started talking about Joseph Smith and his experience. We were actually doing this all in English because she speaks perfect English. So Sister Melton explained everything leading up to the first vision and then she handed it over to me. I then proceeded to say the first vision perfectly in English. I don't know the first vision in English! Literally, I DON'T KNOW IT. Obviously I have heard it so many times, but I have never memorized it. I've never even tried to memorize it. I have never in my life recited it before. And it came out perfectly and the spirit was so strong. I know that the spirit helped me just then. I had nothing to do with it. It was an amazing experience. Actually our whole meeting with this girl was incedible. It was hands down the most amazing experience I've had on my mission. I'm so grateful that I was fortunate enough to be a part of it! I wish I could explain my whole experience with here, but it was amazing! I literally had chills for like 10 minutes afterward. Someday when I'm home I'll read you all my journal entry about it, cause it's long.

We also had another awesome experience. There is this family of members: a mom, and like 5 daughters. But, they are basically all inactive. Four of them were just baptized a year ago, but now they don't come to church. It's hard because they actually go to the school of a different church, so they feel pressure to go there. I sent a picture of a few of the girls kinda when I first got here. Anyway, we meet with them and they know the Bible really well but hardly know the Book of Mormon. We have been trying to get them to read it forever. Finally, I had an inspiration! Let's bribe them! So we told them that when they finish reading all of 1st Nephi and know what is going on, we will take them to get ice cream. Well, we told them that on Monday and they were so excited. They are really quite poor and have never been to get ice cream. We went back on Saturday and they had already finished!!! So today for our p-day we are going to eat ice cream with them! I know that is unconventional, but I'm so excited! They are so excited! And they read the Book of Mormon!!!!!!!!!! And they kinda know what is going on!!! I know bribing isn't great, but they are little kids with no
family support, and they are on the verge of total apostasy, so I'm just doing whatever it takes!

We also had another cool meeting with another member. She and her husband and kids have been members for like 10 years. He is an old branch president, they have been to the temple, etc. Well, they really haven't been coming as much as they should, so we stopped by to visit the Ming. I kinda thought she was maybe the reason they weren't so active, nope. We met her, and she was so sweet. She told us how for some reason Lookpuu just has kinda lost his drive for the gospel like he had before. They used to always do FHE and go to church and visit members, etc. She told us how much she misses how her family was before when they were strong. SHE GETS IT!!! She gets that there is a difference with the gospel!!! She sees the blessings! We had a really good lesson with her and just kept encouraging her. That was hard to see that her husband is holding her back, but also so good to see how much she cares! And they both came on Sunday!

I guess that is kinda all for me this week! I love you all! This gospel is so true! It's incredible, isn't it?! Don't forget it!

Love you all!
Sister Homer

Me and Sister Melton


This is Doping

Happy 1 year to me!

Would you like a pineapple the size of your apple?

A normal dinner one night.  Pumpkin Chaa. Tofu Chaa. Oh yeah, I love tofu now. Weird. Soup. Fruit.
I wish you could tell, but this is the cutest puppy eeeeever.  Besides Jax.  Don't give Jax away.
This is my grocery store.
A lot of meat.

Me and Sister Melton, just yesterday!

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