Sunday, March 9, 2014

The week has come

Hey family,

The week has come that I have to say goodbye to sister Mok. But it doesn't even feel like that because we just keep on working like nothing is changing! Sister Mok is the poster child for the anti-trunky missionary campaign. Seriously, you would not even guess she is going home on Friday. And isn't it also so weird that she literally will ride like 30 minutes and be home. It must be so weird for these Khmer missionaries to end their mission. The cool thing is, I will probably still see her around ever now and then!

Usually I would know who my knew companion would be by now, but with zone conferences and stuff President Moon is busy, so I don't think we'll find out until tonight. I'm super curious actually to see who mine will be. Fingers crossed for Sister Kacher, haha, but no. I'm pretty sure she is going far away. :( But really, I think there are so many cool sisters that I would love to be companions with! So I'm excited.

So yeah, we had zone conference this week and we had Elder Funk from the Quorum of the Seventy here. He is in the area general presidency or something like that. But it was super good! Honestly, I felt the spirit so strongly. It was really nice. And I was part of some special musical numbers. I accompanied an Elder singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It's that same EFY version that I accompanied a choir for back in like August or something. It turned out good. I also accompanied these other elders in another number. Turns out I'm quite the accompanist these days. Who knew. But actually, I'm so grateful that I can do that. And I have so much fun doing it too!

On Monday evening this past week our branch did an FHE activity for all the members who are the only member in their family. It was super fun. There were a lot of young adults. We had a little lesson then we played these games around the gym. Oh my gosh. I haven't played games and had fun like that since...before my mission. I was laughing so much and I was sweating so much running around. It was SO FUN!!!!!

We had some cool things happen with investigators this week. The first was this: Sister Mok and I went to visit this less active member, Ming Mums, who is never home. But we happened to find her home and we taught her! In the process, we discovered that she is in fact not even a member. She was never baptized. She has just been coming to our church every now and then for who knows how long. haha, so that was crazy! And now she is our new investigator! And she is really committed to learning. She is actually really awesome. And she has a friend that says she wants to learn to. Unfortunately she said she might be moving soon... but we'll hand her over to other sisters if she does.

I think last week I told you a little bit about Srei Tracie. I don't remember. But she is a new investigator, and let's just say she is gold. We taught her on Saturday and she was like, "Keep talking, I want to learn more." And then she came to church on Sunday for three hours, and we hadn't planned to teach her but she was like "Sisters, I need to know more, can you teach me?" So we evaluated our plan and decided we definitely could. We taught her the plan of salvation and it was an awesome lesson! She is so cool! We committed her to be baptized on April 6th. Woohoo!

I also went on exchange this week with Sister Ray. She came to my area with me. It was good. We had some great lessons in there, and it was fun working with her because she is a hard worker and very focused. Love that. Going on exchanges every week is kinda starting to be exhausting, but it is fun too. I feel like I get to know so many more sisters.

I don't have much else this week. I do have a question though. Did Russia declare war on Ukraine? I saw a newspaper and that was the headline. It seemed pretty serious.

Also get this. You know how I told you about those leeches a few weeks ago. Well it gets worse. My little bathtub that I shower in is filled with water that doesn't drain, and that water is filled with leeches. Last night I counted 19. The issue is that, that is the shower with warm water. I'm so accustomed to warm water that going back to cold really would just be unfortunate. Though it is getting quite hot outside these days. But I've resorted to showering not in the shower, and just pulling the water spout out and standing just like, not in the shower. Hard to explain, but really it's working quite well. These leeches just really are not convenient!

I guess that is all this week! I hope you all have a great week! Go to the temple for me!


Sister Homer


Cool view.

Not great, but it's me.

Sister Mok's reaction to Fun Dip. Haha.

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