Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey there


Well, I did it. I used a squatty potty. I might not ever be the same. It was the bus ride to Siem Reap, and there were no other options. I didn't limit my water intake. Amateur. Amateur. I will never make such a mistake again. But obviously I lived to tell the tale.

Siem Reap though was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! So much fun! It was so short. We only had Tuesday morning to run around and see the sights, but it was perfect. Our tuk tuk driver was a member, and he was the sweetest man I've ever met here in Cambodia! Seriously he took such good care of us. Haha, I'm just smiling thinking about how funny he was! It really was a little tender mercy. And we met such cool people along our way. We stopped at this girl selling like "temple rubbings" that she had done in Angkor wat and such, and we were talking to her in Khmer of course. And when you do that they lower the price a ton. So we would be talking to her all in Khmer and then other people would walk up and talk to her in English and she would give them a way higher price. And she would just look at us and kind of smile. We were dying! It was so funny! They accept us!! We've made it!

But seriously Siem Reap was beautiful! The sights are gorgeous! I will send pictures. :)

But after that life went back to normal. I'm getting to know this area pretty fast. I actually REALLY like the members here. So funny! Also there are a lot of old time members with lots of faith, though some of them don't show it anymore. There is one member, Om Nan. She has been a member forever. And we go and meet her and her testimony is amazing! Seriously she understands more than almost any other member I've ever met! And yet she is inactive. And she knows it and she knows it's wrong. The other day we went and I was listening to her talk about all the ways the church has blessed her and then about how she doesn't go anymore and I just couldn't help myself. I just started crying. Seriously I can't think of anything more sad than someone who loves the church and knows it is true and still chooses to be inactive. I think she didn't know what to do with my crying, haha, but she didn't say she would probably go to church! She didn't go but... that was better than before! Maybe I should cry more often!

 Also something we do regularly is go out and teach with a senior couple, the Hollenzers. They are the family history couple here. They are amazing! I love them so much! They are such a blessing in my life and they probably don't even know. Also the members love when the senior couple comes. They feel important. Go senior couples!

I actually don't have a ton of time today, but I love you all!

Sister Homer

Turns out I have the coolest mission in the world!

Sister Kacher and Me

Yes. I did it. I rode and elephant!!!!!!!

Siem Reap is beautiful!!!

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