Sunday, August 10, 2014

This area is RICH!

Hey family,

Well, my first week in this area has just been crazy! Honestly this area is so different than my last. It is just the exact opposite. We went to this one house and Sister Kacher said, "This is probably the poorest area in our Branch" and it was still NICER than trash mountain. So, I actually feel kind of out of place here. But really, it is very refreshing. This is actually still a Branch instead of a Ward. I'm back in a District. Which actually, as far as I'm concerned, feels just the same so, oh well. But this Branch has a lot of long time, old members! There are people here who have been members for like 15 years! There are also a LOT of less-active members here. But I really, really like this area. 

Definitely one big change about this area is that everyone is educated. There are still some older women who don't know how to read, but they still can remember and grasp what we teach. I think in SMC 3rd Ward I maybe met with 2 or 3 people who knew how to read every week, where over here, there are only 2 or 3 people who DON'T know how to read! This is so weird! It's so nice. Also there are quite a few returned missionaries that live in this Branch. Yesterday was kind of a weird Sunday and there weren't very many people at church, also 2nd and 3rd hour were complicated, but long story short I feel like I'm still not sure how this Branch really is yet, but I think they are good! This is the first time in a year I didn't play the piano in Sacrament meeting! 

Also this area is straight CITY. There is so much traffic. And there are big bridges that we have to ride over. We ride across a bridge that goes over the main river several times a week. It is neat! This area is just kind of full of energy! It's fun! Right now they don't have much going on investigator-wise, but I feel like there is so much potential and so much work to do regardless. I'm excited to just DO WORK! 

This week we had a Mission Leadership Council meeting and then Zone training on Friday. It was good! Those always get me excited to do my best work. 

Also being with Sister Kacher has been so refreshing. She finishes on Friday. I think I will cry. But I think I'll be okay. She really has been a great friend. I have been blessed with so many great friends on my mission!

Lastly, today Sister Kacher and I are taking a trip to Siem Reap before she finishes. We will be coming back tomorrow. It will be very short. But they let every missionary go and she hasn't gone yet. It will be fun! We will be seeing beautiful Angkor Wat! I should have some good pictures next week. :)

I love you all!!! 


Sister Homer
Sister Davis and I

Big Dirty River!

The River

You'd never see this in America!

You wouldn't see this either!


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