Sunday, April 27, 2014

New area

Hey family,

So, it actually feels like it's been a really short week because I just got to my new area on Friday. It seems like it's only been 3 days or something. Saying goodbye to members in Tuk Tlaa was sad. Not like Kampong Cham, but SAD! I love that branch. It feels like it went so fast. There are members there I will remember forever!

But so, here I am in my new area! It actually has been okay. I still remember some main roads from when I was in Stung Mean Chey my first transfer. Obviously now I'm in a different branch/different area, but it's been helpful. I'm back in my same house though. It is actually nicer this time which is nice!

So this branch is good. There are really sweet members. The hard thing is that all the work is in this one area and President Moon/we don't want to be working in that area as much. But getting out is hard because we do still have to take care of the members there. It's just kinda crazy. But we are working hard!

My companion is super cool too! She just finished being trained and now she is here with me. She is super funny. We get along. She is different than my other Khmer companions, but I like her a lot! She is a really good teacher! Her name is Sister Khut. I don't have a picture to send you yet...sorry. :)
I'm the only American in my house ,so my Khmer is about to get better! (I hope.) But also I'm excited to help them with their English as well. My whole mission I have been so surrounded by Americans and with American companions and all of a sudden I'm with so many Khmers! It's crazy! I think it will be good for me! I'm excited.

SO yesterday they just announced that Cambodia is going to be getting their first 2 Stakes next month. WHAT?! That sincerely is crazy! All of us missionaries are still kind of skeptical, haha, but of course we don't need to be because Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. Actually Sister Khut just shared a scripture with me this morning in D&C 3:3 that I really like. Heavenly Father's work will not be stopped! So we know this is going to work! STAKES IN CAMBODIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the branch I am in right now is part of the south district, will become a Stake!! I'm about to be in a ward!!

Sooo, I think that is all I have? I love you all! I'll be skyping you in like 2 weeks I think, but I don't know any details yet. Just probably plan on all being together the evening of Mother's day. :)

Sister Homer

Me and Melton

Me and Ming Sang

Ming Samantha - I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

My favorite Ming Slippy.  I love this picture!
Me and Stephanie!

Srei Tracie, the girl I love that now goes to another branch.

One twin

The other twin
Shaylie.  This member is amazing and ESSENTIAL!

House.  Sisters Thain, Ray, Me, Melton

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