Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hey family

Dear family,

Well this week was something else. But there were good moments too. In good news the freckle comments are back! Our favorite! They really just can't handle my face here!

The work keeps going in trash mountain. There are SO many members there, but the hard thing is that most of them joined looking for benefits from the church. But quite a few of them actually developed some faith in the process! But it's still rough. Seriously there are like 121 recent converts in trash mountain. How crazy is that? Right now there is some serious drama there because they all are kind of being kicked off of the land. They all are stressing out about where to go, etc. The senior couple is working very closely with some NGO's (non-government organizations) nearby and the land owner to see what they can figure out. They are awesome! The landowner decided to let them stay longer and hopefully some NGO's will help out and we can get these people better living conditions.

 The senior couple really is amazing. Once a week they teach an addiction recovery class in trash mountain. Basically everyone there could benefit from it. They are really working hard to get these people better lives.

There is a lookpuu who just got baptized last week from trash mountain. He is an investigator of the Elders. He is so cool! He is this BIG guy which is so rare for Cambodia. And he is just pure joy. I guess he used to be a big drinker, but now he is just a big happy teddy bear. He is so excited to be a member. He is just beaming all the time. And, haha, I guess he misunderstood about fasting, and he was fasting EVERY DAY. He was only eating one meal a day and then he would start fasting again. But the thing is, he was so proud/excited to be doing it! I think they got that sorted out. ALSO he says that all the time his friends are calling him to drink and smoke and he just declines and declines. He has truly become converted! He is the excited that is supposed to come out of learning about the gospel! He gets it! I love seeing that!

We on the other hand picked up quite a few investigators this week, but they're really fresh. Actually some of them really have potential, but they don't go to church. :( We meet with some really sweet people though! Hopefully I'll will have more to talk about next week.

I think I just realized something this week. Cambodia literally does not have public transportation. At least as far as I can tell. How weird is that? They have methods of getting around, but they are all privately owned. Wait, actually, there are like buses to get to the provinces, but I think those are private companies. I don't know. That really doesn't even matter, but just a random fact.

Love you all! Can't wait to skype next week!

Sister Homer

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