Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's me

Dear family,

I really think I officially stink. Literally. But I'm thinking we can send me through a car wash when I get home, and that should take care of things.

Other than that, this week has been pretty good! Actually maybe the best week I've had in trash mountain! We have a few new investigators, one that isn't in trash mountain!!!! Our Branch President and District President have asked us to stop working in trash mountain. They are just unstable and they move houses all the time and then we lose them. We can keep meeting with our members that are there, obviously, but they don't really want us teaching new people in that area. It's hard though because that is where the work is. Almost on a daily basis we have people saying they want to learn. But we also know they are all just kinda joining one after another and not really based on their own faith. BUT they do need the gospel, so it's hard to deny them. And outside of trash mountain, we have no work. Every day when we go contacting we contact outside of trash mountain, and we have yet to find anyone. :( BUT I know that they are waiting and we just need to keep trying and maybe be more dedicated in our finding efforts. The work will progress!!! I'm determined!! And guess what! Earlier this week I started having feelings that I like this area. That was so strange. But I really think I'm starting to warm up to this place!! It just took me a bit longer than usual.

ALSO this week we did go to the Young Ambassador concert thing. We took one of our investigators from Trash Mountain, which worked out really well because she now has opened up a ton to us since then. It was a really good performance and they are SO talented. But, when I left I just felt weird. It was so loud and so all over the place. And I was thinking about that. Even though it was a good activity, especially if I were at home, it was not really a missionary activity. And usually I'm doing things in which the spirit can be close to me, but that was different. It didn't drive the spirit away, but it didn't really invite the spirit either. It was such a weird feeling. I think that will be kinda what it feels like when I go home. I don't really know but, it gave me a lot to think about. BUT it was really good and really enjoyable!

I read a talk by Elder Holland from October 2012 general conference this week. It is called The First Great Commandment. It is SO good!!! I think you should all read it.:)

We were supposed to have one investigator get baptized yesterday, but there wasn't enough water to fill up the font. :( Soooo we will probably have to push that back for 2 more weeks. That was unfortunate. But, I think a couple more weeks can't hurt anyway.

On a day to day basis, I really love these people. They are so funny. They sometimes do the strangest things! I love building relationships with them. You know they like you if they tease you. So that is always fun! I wish you all could meet these people that I interact with every day.

I guess I don't have much else! Sorry, no pictures again this week... Hopefully someday I'll be able to send pictures to you again!

This week Cambodia gets it's first two stakes!!! WOOHOO!! STAKES OF ZION IN CAMBODIA!!!

I love you all!!

Sister Homer

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