Sunday, April 6, 2014

Greetings Earthlings

Hello family,

Another week has come and gone, and I have yet to see a lawn.
I hear conference was all the rage, my week was good without a wage.
Life here is really the hardest, but the field is white already to harvest.

Yeah... I was going to keep going with that for my whole email, but I just was not meant for poetry.

Sooo, instead I'll tell you about this really cool talk that I read this week. It's from the June 2006 Ensign magazine. It is by Hugh B. Brown and it's called "The Profile of a Prophet". No seriously, I need you all to read it. It is incredible!! Make it your FHE or something. :)

Also get this, Sam Christensen's picture is definitely on our transfer board!!! Crazy!!!!!!

So as far as proselyting this week, it was kind of super normal. Actually, we had very limited time because we had leadership meetings, and other meetings, and our Khmer New Year Branch party, I don't know. But we still did teach quite a bit! We also went on exchange this week. I was with Sister Chuong in my area. She is a Khmer sister. She is so sweet. And she has just this tiniest little voice. Literally, it sounds like a mouse is talking. So sweet. She is awesome. We had a good time together.

I also saw Sister Mok this week!!! She randomly showed up at our Branch party. I saw her and I literally almost burst into tears! It was so unexpected!

I think I have strep throat right now. I don't know how to spell that. I think that is why this email is turning out weird. I'm having a hard time focusing/thinking. But don't worry! I'm really okay! I will be getting it checked out today!

I love you all! I hope you all just feasted at Conference! Don't forget to do missionary work!


Sister Homer

Nancy, Srei Connie, and Srei Leigh. LOVE THEM!

Members Reagan and Ming Karen

Srei Tracie! I love this girl!

Sister Chuong and I

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