Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey Family,

I'm so sorry, but this is going to have to be fast today. We are having a zone barbecue today and there just really isn't much time. Do they do barbecues here in Cambodia, you ask? I also am wondering the same thing...

Here is what you should know. Sometimes, often, toilet paper isn't counted as a necessity... they have hoses instead...

I now live right by the airport and see many planes a day. The other day one flew over and I was just thinking about flying on an airplane, and I started getting anxiety about like going home and stuff. I didn't like that. I'm not ready to go home.

Sometimes 3-year-olds here still don't know how to talk...

THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED! I went on my first exchange this week with Sister Perez. Well, we were going to visit this lady, and we came down this ramp. Sister Perez was in front of me and I just hear her say "Oh shoot." I look around her and there is a dog. Well, this dog was baring it's teeth, and next thing we know it has a friend, and they are charging us, and they are very much going to attack. Well, our options are limited. Soooo we probably just broke into the first door we could, and slammed it shut behind us. We don't know them. They don't know us. There were a lot of people asleep on the floor... So then we like didn't really say anything because we were just laughing so hard, and then we just walked back out and left. (I don't know where the dogs went, but they left.) We never really even explained ourselves... it was stinking HILARIOUS. We probably should have contacted them but we were a little too shaken up/DYING of laughter... oops.

The youth and the YSA at our branch here are AWESOME! There are a ton of returned missionaries which is super cool!

Right now in Cambodia there are these protests going on. They are kind of a big deal. Has it been in the news at all? It kinda has two parts. (1) the recent election, (2) they want salary increases in the factory. Kinda some scary stuff going on.

Do you know I've had more Companions than I've had transfers? Figure that one out.
We have some super cool investigators right now! They are mostly all pretty new, but I'm excited about them!

I'm sorry this email is mostly just random nonsense, and even less spiritual. I promise I feel the spirit! Mostly Cambodia is just so crazy!!

K I love you all!
Sister Homer
p.s. no time for pics today. Don't really have any good ones anyway.

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