Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hey again!

Dear family,

Skyping with all of you was so nice! Thank you so much for all being there!!! Dad and mom asked a lot of followup questions which I will now answer.

Okay, so I thought leaving KC was going to be the worst thing ever, especially from my previous experience in the city. But, these past few days I have been PLEASANTLY surprised. In fact, I'm loving my new area. The city is SOOO different. It's not scenic whatsoever, but I actually still really like it. The biggest thing is this branch. It's incredible! There are like 10+ return missionaries that COME to church! It's amazing! The branch president is an RM. Do you know what this means???? The leadership is incredible! Also there is like a hint of reverence at church!!! I could talk about this for like 5 more paragraphs, but I'll stop. Basically I'm really excited to be in this branch. Also our Church building is beautiful! Someday I'll take a picture and send it. As of right now we have a handful of Recent Converts we work with, we have quite a few investigators but... they aren't really progressing, we'll see about that. And there are TONS of less-active members to work with, like usual. Our work is different than in KC, cause mostly I just did a ton of Recent Convert stuff, but I'm excited.

The biggest change is just the pace in lifestyle. KC is so laid-back and just like there isn't ever a traffic jam... sometimes you don't even see a car... but here it is so CROWDED! It is actually kind of energizing, and it means that there are always new people you see every day that you've never contacted before!! Imagine that!
Sister Davis' new companion is a Khmer, her name is sister Kong. She was actually SO nervous and just worried about it, but I know that she will love it. She is in the most beautiful area in the mission with the best members ever!
I know I tried to explain my new house, but it didn't really make sense, so I took some pictures and I'll attach them. The cool thing is that I'm in a house with 4 sisters again! It's so social!! It's crazy! Sister Kacher and Thain are the other two in our house, both american. I really like them!
So yeah, my new assignment as Sister Training Leader. This means I'll start going on exchanges with different sisters around the mission. I'm not really sure what it entails besides that. Just leadership stuff... But it will be fun. I'll get to know a lot of the sisters. I think Sister Mok and I are actually just over 3 other companionships though. We are the North Zone STL, and there are 2 for South Zone, and there is 1 for Battambang/Siem Reap. KC just didn't have one...
I did mention I'll be going to the mission home a lot, but that is just because on p-days we can go if we want and hang out with other missionaries and stuff, which is what we are doing today. Though I will also be going once a month for the training meeting as part of being STL. The mission home is kinda far from us, like a 40 minute bike ride. So we probably actually won't be going every week.

I don't really know my new district yet. As far as my branch there is also a companionship of elders assigned, and they are super cool. One of them also served in KC with me for a transfer, so that's fun.

The school system, as far as I understand, school isn't required, you go if you can afford the 5 dollars a month. Most go, but there are some people who can't afford that. I know many kids who are in 5th grade and don't know how to read yet. They can read a little, but like mostly not. The interesting thing is that school is honestly only like 4 hours a day, and then if you can afford it you can learn more, maybe like tutoring, but not everyone does that. Especially in KC not very many people I know do that. They have public and private, but mostly I think it all kinda works this same...
At church I would say it's rare to have a member quote the scriptures, but those who can read usually share a scripture in their talk. Not everyone here is uneducated, but especially in KC, I just came across so many who were. But there are like really really smart people too, and their understanding of the gospel is deep.
Another big change that comes with being in the city is that they just changed the rule that city sisters can now proselyte until 7:00/7:30. So that's only another hour, but let me tell you, it's like made my whole life crazy. It's not required to be out that late, just if we actually have appointments. But we are pretty much out until then. It kinda sabotages our language study/dinner time, but we're figuring it out.
Yesterday we stopped and watch a train go by. It was the 2nd time Sister Mok has ever seen a train. She was really excited. Stop it. She is literally like my favorite person EVER. I love being her companion!!!!! We laugh all the time. I think we should adopt her.
I guess that's kinda all for me today! Life is great! I'll send you a bunch of random pics. :)
I love you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Sister Homer

My KC zone/district



Party hats!

Ming Donny, 1st Branch KC (One of the best people I have ever met)

Srei Label and Mona (KC 2nd branch)

My Vialkhsach kids.  :(  Miss them so much.

Goodbye my beautiful KC!

The ladies of Fambodia!!

More Fambodia ladies!!




My house.  It's REALLY tall and thin.  We live in a VERY nice place.  Pretty much all our neighbors have cars.  And it's like a gated community.  It's so ritzy!!!

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