Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hey family,
So, this is the last email I'll be sending before Christmas. With Skyping next week we don't have our normal monday p-day next week. So this is it before I see you next week! I'm super excited to skype you all, but kinda not at the same time because I think it might put me in an emotional coma for a week or so. Just a fair warning, this skyping session may not be pretty. You might wonder what's wrong with me, but just probably don't think too much about it.
I also want you to know that it is now coat season here as well. Seriously, they were selling coats, WINTER COATS, at the market the other day. And we saw people actually wearing coats outside, even this morning. People are asking us all the time if we are cold... you must understand, it is not cold here. There is something wrong going on! This might be a horror movie!
Actually, I'm certain this week has been a horror movie. One night I came downstairs after planning and there were, no exaggeration, THOUSANDS, of insects filling our kitchen. Of course the only answer was Raid. I love raid. After I swept up most of them there was like a pile a foot long and at least an inch tall of bugs. I took a picture, but it just doesn't do it justice. I think what happened was that sister Davis left the light on outside when she went to wash her clothes, and then the bugs were attracted to the light, and then they saw the light inside and came through the cracks in the door. But whatever happened, it was seriously like a horror movie. Also, I don't suggest inhaling large amounts of raid...
Also last night we had another Lizard encounter, which was only fitting with our horror movie week. This one was crazy. He thought it would be okay to jump on my bed... false mr. lizard. False. We spent the next good part of an hour trying to deal with him. In the end he somehow disappeared... we still don't know where he is. Needless to say he was tricky. These lizards used to be cute. But now we think they are actually seeking revenge from that first encounter. There have been more and more encounters lately. I'll report more later.
This other really weird thing here is that they like to eat fruit that is not yet ripe, like mangoes for example. Not only is it not yet ripe, it is REALLY REALLY sour. So what they do is they dip it in this salt mixture to level out the sour. Needless to say, it is not delicious! But, what can we do, we choke it down. Well we had this very situation earlier this week, and poor sister Davis. It was maybe her first "force-down-the-food" situation. I think she did okay. I really can't blame her. The weirdest part though is that these people really LOVE it. What is with that?? But good things came out of it. One of the recent converts who was there eating them with us hasn't really been meeting with us decided she really liked us after that, and sat by me all through church yesterday and was like "why haven't you came to my house in the past four days!" Woohoo!
So onto actually important things. Brak Kneesock. This is incredible. We went and visited her maybe Tuesday afternoon. We asked her how she was doing, etc. etc. Well, let me tell you, she is doing so good! She basically like bore her testimony to us about how much she knows this is all true. She found her husband (long story), and that was like a miracle, and her neighbors have been giving her food. And she was like "I literally have NO money, yet I have had food for every meal." Wow! And the best part is that she does attribute this all to God! And then it wasn't 'til after all this that I she wondered if the branch could maybe help her a bit. But she was really afraid to ask because she is so new and she knows it will look like she just joined to get stuff. I assured her it was fine, and we got it all taken care of with the branch president! I'm just so grateful that this all has built her testimony. I wish you all could have heard her testifying! So cool!! One of the greatest moments of my mission so far.
Another AWESOME thing that has been going on lately is with Ming Cat. I've talked about her a bit, but mostly you probably have no idea how heavy she weighs on our minds. She is the one who just knows so much about Buddhism, and has a drinking problem, and maybe also has an interesting mental state...? Unsure. BUT we have seen such progress. Sister Davis and I both agree that we have literally seen light come into her countenance. Before she literally was void of like any light, and we have seen her change. There is definitely SO much more to go, but it's incredible! She has been coming to church and other activities during the week. WOOHOO!!!!! The gospel seriously changes lives!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another fun thing from this week was that our branch president's son is getting married. They did a little ceremony at the church because they are both members (yes!!!), but they are actually getting married somewhere else. Well it was just the darndest thing. It was so SO funny and cute but mostly just REALLY awkward. These people do not do PDA. So funny. Relationships here are just so different from the states. But it was really sweet because they both shared their testimonies. He is a returned missionary, she's isn't... but she was like SO grateful to be marrying in the church and to another member. You could tell that meant the world to her. Because her whole life she probably wondered if that would be an option. (at least since she's been a member she's probably wondered...) But it was so sweet and I'm so happy for them!
Okay I guess that is all this week! I will see you all on your Christmas day next week! Maybe sometime between like 7:00-9:00pm your time. I'm not quite sure but I'll try to get there closer to the 7 o'clock hour for you.
I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Homer

We went to Hanchey again this week.  SO COOL!!! If any of you ever come here, we are going there.  Elephant

Sister Davis and I

This picture really doesn't do it justice.

I like this pic

There was a pig encounter.

totally candid, totally awesome

just . . . yeah

This doesn't need to go on the blog, but it is certainly the best picture that has ever been taken of me, ever!  (oops)

I must have been a dino in my old life.




The ladies (left Bowtie, right Savannah)

The crew

THIS is the pile of bugs.  You can't tell but it was HUGE!

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