Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Family

Okay, I'm sorry the past two weeks were kinda short. I'll try to be better this week, but there just might not be much to say. That being said, I will pose a question. Can my mission stay "normal" for even just one transfer? The answer is yes. And that was during my Sister Payne era. Currently it cannot stay normal. So long story short, I'm now in a trio again doing 2 branches. Actually, it has nothing to do with me and is really said. Sister Kacher's companion is Sister Thain, they are the other sisters in our house. Well, Sister Thain's mom passed away this last week, so she went home for the next few weeks for the funeral. :( So sad. So hard. If you could keep her in your prayers, I'm sure that would be great. So yeah, now we are doing two branches with 3 of us. And here is the thing, 2 branches in the city is a lot hard than in KC because our areas are huge and spread out and there are traffic jams!! It's crazy!

Being in a trio though is working out well. We have a lot of fun together and our teaching is really like fluid too. Is that like a way to describe that? I don't remember.

Here is an update, my English skills have going out the door and around the block. But my Khmer skills aren't any better so... I can't communicate.

So dad asked about my investigators and teaching in the city. Um it's different but the same. Most people can read though, so that is cool. What is also cool is that there are some really long time members here! Also there are a lot more returned missionaries. And even returned missionaries who have married each other and have kids!! They make me so excited for the future of Cambodia!!! We have some investigators right now, we kind of just dropped a bunch, but that works out with taking on 2 branches. Regardless, we are busy! Oh, the other branch I'm in now is called Pochentong.

One of my favorite investigators is named Seov Ling. She is HILARIOUS! She is 20 years old and she is just like a sassy, hyper girl. And best of all, she doesn't want to b baptized, yet. But I love that because she is really INVESTIGATING the church, which sometimes isn't really a thing. So I really like teaching her because she has a lot of questions. She came to church for three hours though yesterday, which was good!

I also think that if Sister Mok were to base her opinion of Americans on me she would think we were SO weird... oops. Sometimes I flirt with her, because she doesn't know I'm flirting and her reaction is SO funny. I know that's probably looked down on. But I don't really flirt, I just do things that people do when they flirt, like wink and say super cheesy things, like pick-up lines. It's HILARIOUS. So that's weird...I'm becoming really weird here. You would also have to know sister Mok. She is the world's purest and most innocent person. It's so funny.

Something also interesting about Cambodia is that people actually go crazy here. Like the phrase, "you are driving me crazy" actually applies here. I never knew that was really a thing.

Another thing I love about Tuk Tlaa is our new member class, during 2nd hour of church. There is this returned missionary sister here who is just a spitfire and she realizes the importance of learning and good church classes and she is a super good teacher. So I get really excited to take our investigators and recent converts to here class, where as otherwise, sometimes I'm like, not. Super cool!

I guess that is kind of all I have this week. I'm sorry if it's all just kinda normal... The other thing that is new though is that I'm just REALLY happy. I wake up and I like skip out of bed, singing, and excited for the day. That's really cool! I love this work!
Love you all!

Sister Homer

The skyline, but actually if you look down on there ground there are tons of plastic bags filled with trash that people just throw out their windows. :( sad.

Who can spot the grammatical error?

New years eve, Sister Perez and I

They really don't waste space when building houses

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