Sunday, June 8, 2014

"You must walk feminine, talk feminine. . ."

Dear Family,

Do you all remember that song?? I JUST remembered it yesterday and I was so excited. Of course I sang it to my companion. BUT the best part was that later she was like "oh yeah, I remember other sisters telling me you are a good dancer." She literally was referring to the random little jigs I do around the house when I sing that song. I just couldn't believe my ears. Never has the word Homer and Good dancer been in the same sentence before. So funny!!

Sister Khut actually says and does the randomest, funniest things! The other day we just left the house and she says, "Oh no, it's so hot. I forgot my sweater!!!" Something I will never understand. Another one: We were talking about smoothies. And snow. She came up with the idea of putting snow in smoothies. Why has no one ever thought of that?

This week we started some more of our recent converts on their Family History. Family, I can't even tell you. I've gone family history crazy!!! It is essential that we do this work!! For everyone! Those empty boxes on the pedigree charts that mom and dad printed out for me haunt me! Who are they?! We don't know! I just know that if I can get all these recent converts to get started on their recent converts while they are all still semi-active, that will be a major success!! And hopefully it helps them want to be more active as well! I know that family history work is just missionary work's best friend. Also, indexing. Could you imagine if you all indexed 10 names a week. That would be 80 names a week in our family, 320 a month!!!! And if you are doing 10 you might as well just do 20. Just a thought...

Before I told you how all the people in trash mountain are going to be kicked off their land. I also told you that the senior couple is working really hard to not let that happen. Well this past week we just got word that an NGO decided to buy the land so that all those families can stay there! Also they are going to build a public toilet! Also they are going to regulate who can live there. All of this should improve their living conditions! 

This past week we had a cool experience finding a new investigator. She is this woman who lives in trash mountain and she is at church like every week. We assumed she was a member. So one day we asked the elders if they meet with her, and they asked us if we meet with her. We all realized that no one really even knows who she is! So we asked to meet with her one day and she is so sweet! She was like,"I wondered why the elders/sisters meet with everyone else but me! I go to church all the time!" She was asking her neighbors how she could get us to meet with her, but she didn't dare ask us! She was so excited to learn with us. Also she is very sincere about just wanting to learn because she has faith in Christ. She doesn't expect anything from the church! Her name is Ming Raelynn.

I see myself becoming more and more bold here. I think that is the right word. But mostly I just can't really handle all the excuses and reasons for why these people aren't doing what they are supposed to doing. I'm still patient, and kind, and show my love, but I'm finding that bold things come out of my mouth. I think it is good for them. 

I want you to know that the Isaiah chapters in Khmer are even harder than they are in English! I have NO IDEA what is going on when I read them in Khmer! Yikes! That is actually due to lack of Isaiaic vocabulary on my part...

Well, mostly this was just a normal week here in Cambodia. I'm sorry I don't have much special to say! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Homer
More trash mountain.  We are going to do a service project in trash mountain this week to help get this place cleaned up.  Hopefully I can send an "after" picture that is just sparkling clean!


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