Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best Experience Ever

Dear Family,

This was a good week here in Trash Mountain! Probably because we spent more time than ever before outside of trash mountain! But don't kid yourself, we were still there for probably at least 5 hours a day. But trash mountain is actually starting to become so much less... trashy. Or maybe I'm just adjusting. I can't be sure. Actually I can, I'm just adjusting. But honestly, I'm doing really good here now. I think it just took a couple weeks to adjust! 

Did I ever tell you that our power goes out every single day without fail? But it isn't a big deal because we generally aren't home, but I promise it always happens when we are home. It's sincerely fascinating. I can't be sure why it happens.

BUT I have much more significant things. Let me tell you a bit about our investigators!
Bong Lily- She is, in fact, the sister-in-law of Sister Kuoch!! Her husband is a member, but inactive and hasn't really wanted her to learn, but because she lives in the same house with all of Sister Kuoch's family she has come to learn a lot about the church and I think she sees how good it is. So she is learning and she is AMAZING!! We have only met with her maybe 3 times, but she has already read through like 1 Nephi 7 (last I heard.) And when we ask her questions during our lessons she brings up examples from the Book of Mormon. It is INCREDIBLE! So I'm really excited about her!
Sandy- Bong Sandy. She is an investigator in Trash Mountain, kinda. And she has sincere, real faith. She has attended a lot of other churches. She is amazing. BUT unfortunately kinda has some serious problems that would need to be sorted out before she could be baptized. BUT yesterday she went to church and saw some other members paying tithing, and she came and asked us how she could pay! We haven't even taught her about tithing yet!
Sasha- She is the daughter of a recent convert. Probably 10 years old. At first she wasn't really that interested in what was going on, but she was progressed a lot! Yesterday she came to church for 3 hours and we sat with her in YW. All the young women bore their testimony and she did too!!
Om Anne- She is also kinda in trash mountain. We found her as we were teaching another recent convert. We taught her the first lesson and then we went back this week to teach her the second, and she remembered A LOT about the first lesson. Like about prophets and the first vision. That doesn't happen here in Cambodia. And she was apologizing to us because she couldn't read because her eyes were swollen. But before that she had read quite a bit!
Srei Susan- She is the daughter of our Elders Quorum President, who is kinda not so active right now, but they are coming back into activity. He knows A TON actually. So we are teaching her because she is probably 10 years old. She is very sweet. Adorable. 

We actually have quite a lot of investigators right now that we are balancing, but I would say those were the main ones who are progressing right now. Ming Silken was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but she didn't come to church because she was sick. :( I think someday she might be baptized. 

This week we took some time and helped one of our recent converts to do her Family History. It was so fun to help her! She knows some names, and she was so excited to be helping them! I realized that there are a TON of recent converts here in trash mountain and I don't think any of them have done their family history. SO that is my new goal this next transfer, to get all of the started on their family history. Can you imagine how many people are waiting on the other side that are related to these families in trash mountain?! I know there are a ton!

Also, I don't know if you remember, but back when I was in Tuk Thla I was working with a less active member, her name is Bananaboat. I found her with Sister Mok and then I continued working with her, and a few weeks before I left she was starting to become active again. Well now I hear that she is TOTALLY active! She is always at the church and helping the missionaries. I actually have seen her around at some events during these past few weeks too! I am so happy! I played a small part in her salvation, and it makes me so so happy!

On Saturday we celebrated 20 years here in Cambodia. They had a big event, which was amazing! They had members come from the provinces as well. Do you know what that means? I saw members from Kampong Cham!!! Actually before it started I only saw a few members, but I heard there were a lot there looking for me! So I knew they were there. After it was all over, I had still only seen a couple people, so I went on a hunt. And I finally found them all loaded on the buses about to go back to KC. I went up on each bus and I talked to them and I blew kisses. Afterward I waved them goodbye as I drove away. Definitely tears. I think that is the last time I will see them. :( I can't describe the joy I felt to see them though. I was talking to another missionary and she pointed out that this must be like heaven. You are reunited with people you love and what is greater, they are still living the gospel that you cherish! There were some people that I was kind of surprised to see there, and you can't imagine how overwhelmed with joy I was. I'm certain that is how it will be when we are in Heaven. There may be some people who we are surprised to see there, but can you even imagine the joy we will feel??! I wish I could tell them all how much I love them! I guess I can, but I don't think they even know! Also, it made me feel so good that they were all SO excited to see me! I truly felt like I was reunited with kindred spirits! (Haha is that even a thing?)

Do you all remember Brak Kneesock from Kampong Cham? SHE WAS THERE!!!!!!!!! She was the first person I saw from KC and she was walking all around looking for me! I was completely astounded when I saw her! I really wasn't sure how she's been doing, and I can't even describe how happy I felt!!! She is still doing okay!! She is still enduring!! If you could only see me writing this right now with tears welling up in my eyes. I love these people so much!!!!!!!!!

I guess I'll just end there because there is nothing that could top that experience! I love you all! I am so happy that we can be in heaven together FOREVER! 

Sister Homer
Lookaway (I love this grandma so much; remind me to tell you about her when I get home) and Bong Hannah!

20th year celebration!


Srei Label from KC 2
Brak Kneesock!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our house - Me, Sister Khut, Sister Choek, Sister Chuong

Members from Tuk Thla came to visit! Bananaboat is next to me in the plaid shirt!

Houses in trash mountain

Raining in trash mountain (crazy!!)

Caught in the rain

Trash mountain!

Cutest CRAZIEST little girls

So sassy


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