Sunday, June 15, 2014

This week I had lice . . . .


Well not much to say this week. I did have zone conference this week which was actually really good and gave me some new thoughts on how I can improve my work. Especially it inspired Sister Khut and I to be even more bold than we have been being. When we are extending our commitment and they throw out an excuse, we basically do not even take it for a second. We lovingly explain to them that what we are asking them to do it more important than their headache, going to the market, selling vegetables, their mid-day nap, etc. And it really is!! There is nothing that they can be doing that would be more valuable than what we are asking them to do! And of course we aren't unreasonable. They should definitely arrange their time so they can fit in all the things they need to do in a day. But seriously, we are just really helping them see that what we are giving them is worth more than rubies!! I don't want there to be any confusion or misunderstanding about how important this gospel is! I'm going to let it be known! Shout it from the rooftops! 

I have one investigator her name is Bong Sandy, she kinda has a lot of problems with word of wisdom and law of chastity, but we are seeing some really cool improvement with her! She works at a night club/restaurant type thing. We taught her about the word of wisdom, and since then she hasn't been drinking! She says she feels sick when she thinks about drinking! Miracle!

We actually have quite a lot of investigators right now, but just hardly any showing progress. We are supposed to have 5 people get baptized on the 22nd but only ONE of them came to church yesterday. We are only going to let her get baptized. I feel like earlier in my mission I was really pushing for people to get baptized and doing everything to help them get there, and sometimes it felt like I was dragging them there. But I've realized since then that it doesn't work that way. This is something that will change their lives if they prepare themselves correctly for it. Certainly I will do everything I can to help them get there, but I will not push and drag and pull people, because when I do, it's not their faith, it's mine. And it doesn't stick. And that is when we are looking at right now in trash mountain. So I HOPE that all these people we are working with will be touched by the spirit and do what they need to do so that they can be baptized!

We have one investigator who is golden. I have told you about her. She is Sister Kuoch's Sister-in-law. We go to teach her and she shares verses with us that are awesome and she interprets them for us. She is honestly so prepared for this. I know that a lot of that has to do with the good example of her family! She should be getting baptized in about a month.

We also just got one new investigator this past week who we are excited for! She is outside of trash mountain! She is a student at a university so she is really busy, but that also means she is EDUCATED! I can't explain the difference that makes. She has never learned anything about Christ but she went to one of our churches to a Chinese class and that is how we got the referral for her. I think she was kind of skeptical when we went to meet her, but we had a really good first lesson with her and she seems interested! I hope she will progress!

I've come to realize that I don't think I really have a personality anymore. Or I have like 100 personalities. The thing is I have adjusted to every single one of my companions to really work with their personality. And so depending who I'm with I feel like it kinda changes who I am. (But I'm not two-faced.) The problem is, when I am with a group of people I don't know what to do anymore, I don't know who to play off of and adjust have fun with that when I get home! Yikes!

Also, putting on chapstick here is probably something you should do in private, probably in your home. Not in public, especially not in front of men. They think you are putting on lipstick. But I'm gonna be honest, when your lips are chapped, they are chapped! So I still do it. My companion laughs at me everytime...even though I explain to her that lipstick and chapstick are two very different things. Just a word of caution.

I guess that is all. Rainy season is definitely on it's way in! I love you all!

Sister Homer
Sister Khut and me

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