Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cuuncompuahkromkruasaadaoyseckdeisralan! (Similar to: "send to my family with love")


How's it going? This week was cool, it was kind of full of a lot of ups and downs, but it turned out good! It always does. 

I actually don't know that I have much to talk about this week. One cool thing is that it feels like we have made a little bit of progress especially since I first got here. A few less active members told us they are ready and committed to go back to church! So that is exciting. Also we heard from many people that they got visits from the Bishop or Branch President, which is also another big deal that I'm very happy about! They have no idea what difference that makes, even though we tell them. We can go 10 times and invite them to church, but when the Bishop goes one time it works. It is cool!

 Do you know that it is inappropriate for a female to whistle in public here. Oops.

I have told you about Sister Kuoch's sister-in-law who is our investigator named Lily. Well she is doing AMAZING! Literally when we go teach her it doesn't even feel like we are teaching an investigator. It feels like we are teaching a long time member who gets it! It is so fun. Though, she has entered the Isaiah chapter in 2nd Nephi and she has a lot of questions... I should have taken the Isaiah class at BYU before my mission. I know Nephi says Isaiah is really clear, but I'm missing something. Anyway, she should be getting baptized in 2 weeks. I'm so excited! I hope her inactive husband will go to her baptism too.

We have another investigator I've told you about before named Srei Nina. She is also improving, but she will need to get married before she can be baptized. But it has been fun to talk about how the gospel can/will affect her future family. We talked about the priesthood and kind of painted a picture for her to have the priesthood in her home. Also we talked about being sealed in the temple and things she can do daily to center her family in Christ. I think all of that has made it a lot more real for her! This gospel truly blesses families! And fortunately her boyfriend is an investigator of the Elders! So I think they can have a bright future ahead! (You probably wonder why they aren't learning's a long story.)

Also this week I had one of the hardest experiences of my mission. There is a grandma "Lookaway" in our Ward who is a recent convert. She is great! We visit her and she loves the church and the Gospel. Well we went to visit her earlier this week and she said she didn't want to meet us and that she was done going to church. That wasn't going to fly, so we kinda of got it out of her. The true story is that her kids or relatives of some kind have told her that if she continues to meet us and go to church they will stop all communication with her. As we talked to her we tried to help her see that despite trial and hardship she needs to keep enduring and that Heavenly Father will provide a way and that the eternal blessings at hand are so significant! As I was there thinking about her situation I was so overwhelmed and I couldn't stop crying. I was mad at her relatives and sad that they would give her an ultimatum and frustrated that Christianity is something hated here and I felt horrible that I had to encourage her to forsake her family. She said she would see what she can do. I just wish everyone could see and understand fully about this gospel!! Why is this so hard?! I can't imagine how frustrated Heavenly Father is with everyone here on earth. We're all just kinda missing it! I can't wait for the Millennium. "Every knee shall bow and tongue confess..." Isn't that a thing during the millennium? I sure hope so. 

But, I had a sweet experience earlier this week too. One morning I was just quite overwhelmed with our area and other stuff, just normal mission life, but it was pretty bad. Before personal study I prayed and I just told Heavenly Father that I couldn't really do it today and I needed His help. Then as I studied I felt the darkness I guess kind of fade away, and before I knew it I was fine again, back to normal me. Not only that, our day was wonderful! All of our lessons went through and we were busy all day. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. The Gospel, the scriptures, the words of the prophets truly bring joy and peace and comfort. Heavenly Father loves us so much! I am so so grateful! 

I love you all and I hope you have a good week and an opportunity to share the gospel!!

Sister Homer

Some cute little girls in Primary yesterday.

Zone Conference

No picture could better describe Cambodia.  The words on the wall say: "Don't put trash here."

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