Sunday, September 29, 2013

To you from me

Hello Family,

This week is probably going to be less exciting, I'm sorry! Mostly it was pretty normal, still trying to visit all of our recent converts and other less actives, but also making sure we hit certain people for Sister Payne to say goodbye. And then starting Friday half our time was spent in 2nd branch as well.

A neat bird paper thing a member made!
The transition slowed us down a little bit, but I think this next week we'll just pick back up running again. Working with Sister Kuoch is definitely different than Sister Payne. Probably working with any Khmer is different than working with an American. I seriously love Sister Kuoch so much!! She is just the sweetest thing. And she wants to work hard like me. And turns out, she speaks the language really well. ;) No but seriously, that has probably been the biggest change. Before, sister Payne and I split the lesson probably like 50% just naturally. Now, I probably take maybe 20%. But that is really for the better because when I start talking it sounds like a garbage truck just rolled into town. I'm not joking, the difference between her and me is just hysterical!!! Hahaha, so much for thinking I was doing alright with the language. Haha, ugh I'm laughing out loud right now - it's that funny. BUT this really is going to be such a good thing. I already have learned so many new words. And so help me, I'm going to master this language.

The group
I'll be honest, the first few days have maybe been a bit overwhelming/lonely. If those are the right words. Our house is a lot quieter. We just are a lot more quiet. Sister Kuoch doesn't know a ton of English. I know enough Khmer that we can have a conversation mostly about anything, BUT I don't necessarily always have things to say... but that is just how it goes with a new companion! We speak in Khmer pretty much 100% but I'm really determined to help her learn english, and she wants to too. So We have times where we just practice english.

Yesterday was interesting at church. I think I told you last week that a lot of our branch is flooded. Well that is still the case, so a lot of people still didn't come to church. PLUS it was raining cats and dogs. Literally there was so much rain. It was crazy. So in first branch we had less than 100 people come, and then in 2nd branch we probably had like 30-40 people come. yikes!

There is a big difference between 1st and 2nd branch (obviously). 1st branch, the one i've been serving in, is more like poverty, out in the beautiful greenland. 2nd branch is city. And for some reason the city is just always harder. But, We are going to work hard any way and I know we'll be blessed!

The girls
But back to church yesterday, I was so happy, and a bit surprised that a lot of our recent converts still ended up coming to church!!!!! Yes! As far as Cynthia, she wasn't able to make it to church, but we went and taught her last night and she was so upset that she had to stay home and watch the baby so her sister could go to church. But she cheered right up when we started teaching her! She will be getting baptized this next week! Teaching her is so fun, but what is even greater is that every night their family does like study time together and her older sister tries to expound on the stuff we taught her already! I just love that so much! This week we taught her the law of chastity... try to do that without using words. Hahaha, it was so funny! Let's just say, it was done very carefully. And somethings may have just been left unsaid, but we told her sister it was maybe her responsibility to cover that with her. haha love it.

Our church building
This week I came across a question I have in the Book of Mormon. It is in Ether 3 and it is when the Brother of Jared sees the finger of the Lord. But I realized, this was before the time the Christ had come to earth, so why did he already have flesh and blood? But then it kind of answers it, but I'm still not sure about verse 9. It says, "because of thy faith thou hast seen that I shall take upon me flesh and blood" or something like that. So, why did the Bro of Jared see Him in flesh and blood. I mean besides the fact that he had faith... Was it like an allusion? Was it like a kind of prophesy of the future. I guess I didn't think prophecies really happened like that when you aren't expecting them, but then again, what would I know about prophecies. Anyway, does anyone have thoughts on that? Hopefully I explained that clearly...

I hope you all have a good time watching general conference this week! i think I'll be watching it the next week. I will miss you all!


sister Homer

We went to a super pretty wat this week!

Any interpretations on this bird/dead body statue?

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