Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello Family!

Dear Family,

So, this week was another good one here! Every week is just awesome! The highlight of the week was most definitely yesterday though. We had every single one of our investigators go to church, as well as almost every single one of our Recent Converts (like 17 people). You can't even begin to imagine what a miracle that is here. It was AWESOME!!! And testimony meeting was really awesome as well. I hope everyone felt the spirit like I did! We also had 147 people at church yesterday, that is the most it has been since I have been here! Woohoo!!! We are totally seeing miracles here!

Lookpuu Dore's family
Also yesterday at church Lookpuu Dore's entire family was baptized! (Except for their 2 year old son...). So it was Puu Thia, Ming Sophia, Srei June, and Srei Drey. I love this family!! They have grown so much these past two weeks. I feel so blessed to be the one teaching them. I feel as their faith and understanding continues to grow, they can become such a strength to this branch. I'll attach pictures with them.

More of their family, with other neighbor girls I love!!
Also, we had a neat experience with Ming Sophia this week. We were teaching them a lesson, and one of these neighbor girls was looking through Sister Payne's picture book. We ended up showing Ming Sophia a picture of the temple. As far as I know we have not shown her it before. Anyway, she got excited and she said she had a dream about the temple, and that she saw SOO many people there! It was so neat, because we really don't think we had shown it to her before then. Sister Payne thinks she maybe could have been seeing her ancestors. Anyway, we will begin teaching them about temple work/family history work and get them excited to go to the temple as a family. What a neat thing! I know that Heavenly Father is teaching this people even when we aren't there physically teaching them! This work is awesome!

Our regular meat lady.
So, update on Moiraine. She is still super awesome, but she told us this past week that she is moving to Phnom Penh TOMORROW. :( What?? No!! Where she is going there may or may not be a church near by, we are going to look into it more. But also, she says she is coming back in a month or two, in which case, I will probably still be here!!! So, that is putting my mind at ease. She seriously is so awesome though. We taught her a lesson on Saturday about Tithing and Fasting. It was convenient that the next day was fast sunday. As we were teaching her she said something like "this is so interesting, I want to try it out!" And try it out she did! We got a call from her yesterday while we were out teaching. She had just been to the other branch and called to ask if she had broken her fast by partaking of the sacrament. I assured her that she was totally okay!! Are you joking?! That is so cool!! She understands stuff so much. She sees the big picture. Ugh, so cool. I really hope and pray that in a month or so when she comes back she will be ready to commit to be baptized. We will meet with her one last time tonight. We are going to commit her to read the whole Book of Mormon. I know she is ready, she just doesn't quite know it yet.

Would you like the pig head, the chicken feet, or the cow guts?
Sister Kuoch told me some interesting stuff about the culture here and dating. It is SUPER traditional. A lot of people are changing, but there are still a lot of people who are super traditional. You NEVER spend time alone with the person you are interested in. And eventually, the boy goes to the girls parents and says they are interested. The parents talk and decide if they think it is a good match. And then they are kinda paired off and the parents can act as like supervisors if they want to spend time with just the two of them. So different from USA!! Mostly all of the Sister Missionaries here are very traditional like that. You see a lot of other people who obviously aren't like that, but it is interesting. Just a fun random fact I thought you might like.

ALSO, this is crazy. People here do not know maps. Sister Payne have been on a quest this week to find a Cambodian who can point out Cambodia on a map. We have found one. ONLY ONE!!!! He is one of the Elders. It blows our mind! So, we have been educating some people. I guess they just focus on different things here.

Also, I've been looking at some pictures that have been taken of me and I'm pretty certain my face shape has changed. It's the weirdest thing! Do I look different to you in my pictures? I have come to the conclusion that it is because this language uses different muscles, and so my face is morphing. It's really quite unsettling.

Also, I received both the packages from Mom!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I am waiting to open them both for my birthday. I was shocked and amazed that they got here so quick! Especially because at the same time I just received a letter from the Johnson Family that they marked 3 months ago left from the states. haha, so yeah. I think maybe packages get here better then letters! Maybe not. But thank you!! I can hardly wait to open them, but I'm trying to practice self-control. Thank you!!!!

I think that is mostly it for today. I hope you all had a good time at Huntington Park this weekend! I love you all!!


Sister Homer

 Random pictures from my companion this week:


And more random pictures from me:

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