Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More than halfway!!

Krom Kruasaa,

So, as the subject says, I hit the halfway mark here on Saturday. I am more than halfway done at the MTC... what?!?! It has gone by so fast!! I swear I just got here last week. And yet, I don't even remember my life before the MTC... what did I do? I'll be honest! I don't want to leave! I want to go to Cambodia, but I LOVE it here! I LOVE my district (luckily, almost all of them are going to Cambodia too), and I love my teachers. I love the devotionals. I LOVE MY COMPANION. I had a realization this week that she won't be my companion forever. I about bawled. I seriously can't explain how much I love her. We are so different, and I really don't think we ever would have been friends, but I about pee my pants (skirt) every day because she makes me laugh so hard. This last week, Kitty Cat Jessa came to play. Okay, that sounded weird, haha! but you all know what i'm talking about. :) My companion LOVES LOVES her cat named Fizz. So one night I was particularly hyper, and I pretended to be a cat. She didn't know how to react. it was SO funny!!! And then just like 2 nights ago, literally the funniest thing happened. I laughed so hard I cried! I was just in our classroom with her and I realized I hadn't really heard about any of her best friends besides her kinda boyfriend. So I asked, "Sister, tell me about your best friends. Or do you only play with your cat?" Well, you see, our relationship involves a lot of joking/sarcasm (which we both love) and so she went along with it and acted like SO offended that I implied I didn't think she had any friends. She threw a "fit". It was SOOOOOO funny. Literally I was crying. K, that didn't sound very funny, but it was like the highlight of my week.

Me and two of the Thais
Sister Barrow and Sister ZigZag
There were a few other funny moments this week. The first, was kinda embarrassing and happened just after I emailed you last week. We were at lunch and my companion said something funny just after I had taken a drink of water. It took like a whole minute for me to register what she said, and at that time the water was still in my mouth. I intended to just like make a little laughing noise, but somehow, I really really apparently thought it was funny because I laughed so hard that ALL the water sprayed out of my mouth, across the table, onto sister Horton and McGonagall. It literally was like what you see in a movie. It was HILARIOUS. And I was so embarrassed. Fortunately, everything thought it was just the FUNNIEST thing ever, so they weren't upset. I can't even explain how like the movies it was. It was so funny. Something else embarrassing: I was in class, and my teacher mentioned that he didn't think studying Jesus the Christ for all our study time was an effective use of our time. (Like, it's really awesome to read, but not for all our study time.) Well I've been studying it just on sundays, but the elder sitting next to me turns and looks at me when my teacher said that and gave me this look like, "you fool." It's the look he gives me 20 times a day, so i'm used to it - it's basically what our relationship consists of. BUT my teacher saw him give me that look, and all the sudden he thought that maybe like I would feel bad that I read it and that like he needed to clarify that it was okay to read it... blah blah blah. And I don't know what happened but I started turning SO red. I think I was embarrassed that my teacher thought I was embarrassed. Also that it was like taking time out of class. So then another elder was like "she's so red!" and of course, when they say that, you get even more red. And then a sister was like "her neck is even red!!" So yeah... I was like a garden tomato. I was just embarrassed that like my teacher thought I was embarrassed and that all the focus was on me!! It was SO funny and obviously embarrassing...

So besides all the fun things that I tell you about, I actually am serious here and I learn about the gospel and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Guess who came to our devotional on Tuesday night. ELDER SCOTT. Stop it. It was incredible!! It was so powerful. He talked about prayer and how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants to hear from us. It was so incredible. Also, he left with an apostolic blessing for all of us. It was so neat. And the neatest thing was this. He closed his talk, sat down, we sang the closing hymn, and then he RAN up to the pulpit again ahead of the sister giving the closing prayer, and said he felt like he needed to say a few more things. Okay, for Him to like get up again and add more to his talk, you KNOW the Lord was really prompting Him to get up. I thought it was so neat! I also saw Jim and Maxine Madsen at that devotional!! I didn't get a chance to say hi, but I saw them! That was fun!

The devotional on Sunday was also so incredible! The BYU Men's Chorus came and sang for us! They are incredible! And my teacher Lookruu MickeyMouse was in it!!! It was so perfect because my district was chosen to be ushers for that devotional, so we got to have good seats. I got to sit on the 2nd row!! And we got to make our teacher proud! (actually I don't know, but we thought we made him proud.) And he made us so proud! It's so funny because we all think of him as like our dad. He is such an INCREDIBLE teacher and we all want to make him so proud. It's really neat.

On Wednesday I was a Host Sister! That means I helped sisters as they arrived to the MTC find their room and their classroom, and helped them get all settled. It was so fun! I helped three sisters! They were so sweet! It reminded me of my first day. Oh good times! It's so weird that I have been here for 5 weeks! I've been here longer than like most of the people here... how is that possible?!

Sister Barrow and I matching
(with Elder Anton photo-bombing.)
I don't think I've mentioned the Thai sisters before. Basically there are three sisters learning thai right now, they are going to thailand, and they are our good friends! We eat and play in gym with them a lot. And they are so fun. AND one day, I walked into the cafeteria for breakfast and Sister Barrow (one of the thais) and I were wearing like the exact same outfit. I'll send you a pic.

Also, i'm joining a foursquare league when I get back.

This week I memorized the first vision in Khmae!!!! Wow! It is so cool! I really love love this language! I'm starting to be able to read verses in the scripture in under 15 minutes! The 1st vision is the only scripture I have memorized right now. KHMAE IS SO FUN!! But guess what... i'm forgetting spanish. :( I sat awake in bed the other night trying to remember the spanish word for "to forget". Ironic. I finally got it and so I could finally fall asleep. And then last night it happened again with the word "to learn." Luckily i found a spanish-english dictionary in a free bin, and i'm keeping it.

Mom, you asked what TRC stands for. It is Training Resource Center... I think... We went again on Saturday, and it went really well! It went a lot better than the first time. My companion felt so much more confident, which made all the difference. And the two RM's we taught were complimentary, so that was nice!

Mom, the food here is good... It tastes good at least. Though it really isn't that healthy. But I try hard to be healthy. I eat cereal for breakfast, a salad wrap for lunch, and then whatever for dinner. I would say I enjoy it, but health was I just tolerate it. At least I'm not picky!

Okay I love you all! I also love the gospel! I LOVE Heavenly Father and the atonement. I love how much I am learning and growing, and how much I love the scriptures! I could just eat them I love them so much! (am I allowed to say that...?) Talk to you next week!


Sister Homer

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