Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi Family,

Okay, so as you probably noticed, I didn't email you yesterday. That is because my schedule changed and now my p-day is on Wednesdays! So sorry if you were concerned.

Okay so, I didn't realized how soon I'm going to Cambodia until like 2 days ago. Like 3 weeks??? I'm kinda freaking out. I was making a study plan and I drew out a calendar, and visually seeing the days left, I was shocked. I just want time to slow down just a bit! I am so excited to get there, but I just don't feel ready to leave here!

Do you all know that the Book of Mormon is the coolest book in the world?? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE EVER TELL ME!??!?? No but seriously. It is like, the most exciting, brilliant, sweetest, wonderfullest, book ever! I love it! It literally is the definition of a page turner.

I received Raegan VandenBerghe's wedding announcement this week! It was beautiful! I absolutely loved it! And she invited me to the sealing. :) :(. I almost cried when I saw that. Obviously she knows I won't make it, but I was so honored that she would invite me. I'm so excited for her!

This is the temple this morning! Pretty!
So one day during this past week I was kinda discouraged. It was the first time that has happened since being here, so it wasn't too fun. My teachers have been emphasizing asking inspired questions during lessons that will really cause our investigators to open up and to feel the spirit. Well, to really ask an inspired question you need to have the spirit with you guiding you and directing you what question to ask. That is really hard to do when you have a hard time recognizing the spirit. So, I was really discouraged about that all. But it has been really sweet to be humbled about that and really turn to heavnely father for help. I hope that I can get better at this.

I found a spanish preach my gospel in a give-away-bin, so I took it and I take it to the gym with me and read it while I ride the bike! I will not forget this language, so help me! It has been frustrating when spanish speakers will be speaking spanish, and I try to talk back to them and cambodian words come out. That is not supposed to happen! But I think that is also really really cool that I feel that familiar with cambodian that it just runs out of my mouth before anything else. I've asked Heavenly Father if it's okay if I give my heart to cambodian now, if He'll help me remember spanish when I get back. I'm not sure if He has agreed, but I hope so! Mom, I think you are right. I definitely know that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the abilities needed to learn languages. I hope I can find what he wants me to do with that. Which brings me to my next thing. I made a bucket list of things I want to remember I want to do when I get back. There are like 9 languages I want to learn on that list, haha! but seriously. Among them are: Hebrew, Egyptian (is that still a language?), Chinese, Farsi, Latin... there are others. Don't crush my dreams on this one. :) I'm so excited!!! Haha

One of my favorite things I do every day is my nightly planning session with Sister Hearts. We plan our next day, etc. etc. and then we close by sharing a scripture and a short testimony about the scripture. We were challeneged to share our testimony with each other every day, and this is how we've found it's natural to do it. I love it! We both look forward to it everyday. And it is the last thing we do each day, so we really end with a high. And I think it brings us closer as a companionship! I just stinking love Sister Hearts.

Sister McGonagall (right) really likes to match people,
like sister Melting (on the left.).
I seriously love them both so much!
Once again this week she made me laugh SO hard. I can't remember what happened, but one night we were walking home and she was acting like SUPER creepy (on purpose). It had the same effect on me that Teresa has when she starts running up the stairs behind me and I feel like she's going to attack me. Okay, if you don't know what I'm talking about, basically I just feel super creeped out and frightened. Anyway, sister hartley was intentionally creeping me out and it was making me laugh SO HARD. My abs hurt afterward. I can't even explain. I could hardly walk up the stairs to our bedroom because of my laughter. She's stinkin hilarious.

So, this is some interesting trivia. I am older than one of my teachers! Good thing I act like i'm 5 and he acts like he's 25 so it actually really doesn't matter or make a difference one bit!

Mom, you asked about the special musical number. It's been complicated. I had an accompaniast, but then we met up and she couldn't play the piano part... so I asked a few others, and they were not really going to work either. Just 2 days ago I finally found one who is really promising. He was like a piano major. And so I think he'll be perfect. BUT, we were supposed to practice last night and he didn't show up... so now i'm not sure. I'm going to swing by his classroom today and hopefully we can practice tonight. then hopefully i'll audition tomorrow! It really is shocking that in my whole zone i'm like the only one who plays the piano. How is that possible???

Want to hear some cool words in cambodian? The word for "to like" or "to enjoy" is coolcet (pronounced joel-jet, kinda). And when you break it up, "cool" means to enter and "cet" means heart. SO when you like something, you are saying like "it enters my heart." How cute is that!? Also, the word for to repent kinda works that way. It's praecet. Prae means to turn or to change, and cet once again means heart. So to repent means to turn or change your heart. SO COOL!!! Cambodian is all about words like that. I swear like every word is just made up of smaller words that give it a lot of meaning. And it means you can learn multiple words at a time! How fun is cambodian!!!

This is how I read my scriptures. This little card is my best friend. I've almost memorized all the consonants and vowels. Next I need the subconsonants and independent vowels! fun!

Thanks for the dearelders I get during the week! That helps a lot! I love you all and I love it here and I really might never come back! OH!! Tell Jax hi and that I love him and that I miss him!

I think that's all for this week,

Sister Homer

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