Monday, May 13, 2013



Oh my gosh, what a good week! Every week and every day are the best day ever! BUT actually I have officially decided that today has been my favorite day at the MTC so far. Really. I'll tell you why in a second.

This week we stopped teaching our first investigator and got a new investigator. It was so sad to say goodbye to Lookpuu Thuu. We miss him! (even though it was just our teacher acting like him, we still miss him!) But he is baptized and commited to be sealed in the temple in a year, so it was time. Our new investigator... that was crazy. We went into the lesson thinking for sure he is Buddhist and hardly knows about God. No. He is methodist and reads the bible every day, and etc. Basically we like were so caught off guard and so we just like garbled words out of our mouth about who knows what. We sat there with our jaw open. We gave him the Book of Mormon and he started like reading it to us on the spot. This will be fun!!!

This past sunday I accompanied an elder in my district during our Zone sacrament meeting as he sang This is the Christ. I was nervous! I play piano obviously, but I don't really accompany. It turned out well though! Of all the times I practiced I actually think it was the best time through! I was pleased with that. I have also been called as my Zone Music Coordinator. I'm looking forward to it!

So once again this week I just feel pretty humbled. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge, but that doesn't mean I'm a good teacher. And it is more important to be a good teacher than have knowledge... So I've just felt humbled as i've seen how far I need to go. I am so grateful for it though! I think If I don't feel humble than I'm not really letting Heavenly Father help me as much as I could. So yay for humility! Ether 12:27, right?

Back to why today is the best day ever. This morning we decided to go do sealings in the temple. This was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. Without saying too much. A small family came in and the husband and wife were each live sealed to their deceased parents. It was so so so special. What made it even better was that they were from Peru and hardly spoke any english, so their son translated a lot of things for them. And then the Woman at the end came and gave all of us a kiss on the cheek and thanked us for being there. I was just short of weeping. It was so so neat because, THAT is why I'm here!!! Baptisms are important, but eternal families are everything. And you could see just how much this meant to the man and the woman, that they could be sealed to their family forever! And I always knew that this is the reason why I'm here, but today and saw it and I FELT it. It was so powerful.

On sunday Chad Lewis, former NFL player and BYU player came and spoke at the devotional. IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!

I supposedly get my travel plans tomorrow. WOOHOO!! So I should be leaving May 21st (less than 2 weeks...) but we'll see what happens. I think I am allowed to call home when I am at the airport, but I think mom and dad you will already be gone. Will I be able to call your cell phone? Probably, not? I will see what happens for sure. Maybe i'll leave a day early and see you at the airport!!!

I still haven't auditioned for the devotional yet. Long story short, I found an accompaniast but he kinda is a touch flaky. So, it may or may not happen. I'll keep you updated.

I think that is all my time for this week. I'm sorry it is short.



Sister Homer

Note from Tianna: Jessa didn't send any pictures this week.  I promise I didn't just forget to attach them.

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