Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This week from the MTC

Cumriabsua Krom Kruasaa!!

This week has been FABULOUS as usual!! The most exciting thing happened this week. I read my first verse in script out of the Book of Mormon!! The whole thing! In script!! I read 1 Nephi 3:7, and I understood most of it. It only took my like...45 minutes! Haha. And then I read ANOTHER verse!! I think it was Alma 32:12. It is so much fun to read script! It's super hard! And as it turns out, all the letters aren't the exact same, despite how it looks! But seriously, it is so much fun! And I still feel pretty good about the language. I feel like I remember a lot of words really well and in our lessons I can communicate a general idea. I probably sound like a 3 year old, but hey it's working.

My investigator is getting baptized!!!!!! On April 25th! His name is Lookpuu Thuu (Lookpuu means like, older uncle... I think). They address everyone in familial terms, and so a name like that always goes before their real name. I think... Haha. But yeah, it was really neat. My companion and I were teaching/playing charades, and we had decided not to ask him to be baptized. But during the lesson I just had this strong feeling that we should and so we kinda called a quick audible, and the rest is history!!!

My companion and Sister McGonagall
- matchy matchy
So, my companion LOVES pokemon. I hear the pokemon theme song a lot. It's HILARIOUS! Remember how Shawn and I used to be obsessed with Pokemon?? Yeah. My companion is seriously the best!! We have a quote book in which we fill it with quotes just from her - Words of Wisdom from Sister Hearts. She seriously is so funny and so chill. We get along great!

So a new nickname has surfaced this week... Crazy Homer... shoot. There was a day this past week when I was just a bit hyper and so I was just kinda being my crazy little self. I don't think my district was prepared for it. Remember the "tantrum" I threw over Christmas that was like half a real tantrum, half me thinking it was funny to throw a tantrum? Well it was kinda a situation like that. I wasn't really frustrated or upset or anything, but I was tired and like mental overloaded, and hyper, and so I guess I got a little sassy. I may or may not have started to act like the district dictator. I thought it was hilarious. But yeah... people are confused by me now, haha! and they keep telling me they want Crazy Homer to come back because she's entertaining... It's funny because they all think I'm like the sweetest thing in the world, little do they know the truth.

On Friday night one of the elders in my district was singing a hymn, so I just started singing with him. And then a few of the other sisters joined in, and then a few elders. And so for the next 30 minutes we all just flipped through the hymnbook and sang hymns together! It was the best!!!! The spirit was so sweet and the music just cleansed our souls!

My district!!
So, there is this thing called "narnia holes" here in the mtc. Basically missionaries hide things in the vents for the next missionaries to find. We found our narnia hole. It was SO lame!! Basically it was a cup of dirt with some used glowsticks and 4 pennies, and a nasty andes mint. Thanks for that. We are going to leave awesome things in our narnia hole! I'll keep you updated.

Okay, let's talk about what's really important. Was General Conference amazing or what?!?!?!!??!?!?!!!! I loved it! We watched it all in the big auditorium/overflow rooms. I was actually in the overflow the whole time, which I preferred. My favorite talks were, like all of them, but I loved Elder Cardon and all he said about the Atonement and Christ willing to forgive us. I'm glad that he emphasized Improvement over time and not needing immediate perfection. I think that is something I struggle with. I feel like I need to be the perfect missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be NOW, and that kinda is overwhelming. So it was good to hear his talk. I also really loved something Elder Ellis said. He talked about how a lot of families would call and ask which ward was the best ward in the stake. And then once he had a family call and ask which ward needs a good family. I don't know what, but that just really impressed me so much! I also LOVED president Uchtdorf's talk. He is just so good!! And of course Elder Holland's talk. During the priesthood session all the sisters got together and watched the YW broadcast. I thought that was so good as well! Sister Dalton was released??? :( Also, can I just mention the opening prayer of the YW broadcast?! Adorable. President Uchtdorf's talk in the YW broadcast was so good as well! Ugh, i'm so uplifted!!!

The people I stare at everyday.
(Elder Johnson, Sister Hartley, Elder Clawson)
Also, my teacher Lookruu MickeyMouse was in the choir that sang in the Saturday Afternoon session! He got some screen time! We all freaked out when he came on the screen, it was pretty funny! If you are really bored and interested in what he looks like, he was wearing an orange tie and I think kinda like a brown-ish suit? And he is a really happy looking guy! Haha, that's helpful... Anyway, so yeah, that was fun to see him.

On Sunday night, Vocal Point came and did a devotional for the MTC!! They sang and gave spiritual thoughts! It was so good!!!!!!

Okay, I think that's all. I love you all! I love the MTC! I seriously would stay forever. Well maybe. But it is such a wonderful place! The spirit it always so strong and I love how much I learn. I still LOVE LOVE my district and the sisters I live with. I probably love them too much. We all could talk all the time and never get bored!

I love you I love you I love you!!

Sister Homer

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