Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hi Family!!!!

Dear Family,

THE MTC IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!! I swear, I am never coming back. You can send me my belongings. :) I am going to be a missionary forever!!

This week was such a good week! We had some incredible speakers! The first was Gerald Lund. He came on Tuesday night and gave a devotional about recognizing the spirit. This is something I have been praying and studying so so so much since I got here. So it was like a talk directly to me! Wow! So cool! He had some really neat stories to share. Another speaker we had for Relief Society on Sunday was Sister Mary Edmunds, and OH MY GOSH. She was the best thing since fruit snacks!!!! I'm not kidding. I laughed SO hard and cried multiple times in that meeting. Basically she is the coolest lady ever. She has served like 4 missions. I don't think she has every married. Mom, you need to have her come speak to the stake for a relief society night. She was incredible!! Basically it was just a peptalk for our missions. It was so perfect.

My district
Mom, you asked about sundays. They are the best day ever! They are really chill, and we have a lot of extra study time, which is so nice! My district made a goal to not study the language on Sundays so we just study the gospel the whole day! The sisters in the whole MTC go to music and the spoken word together, and then we all have sacrament meeting together. They basically just bring in a special guest every time. It is always fantastic! And then we do sacrament meetings as a zone. I am in the southeast asia zone. Then sunday nights we have a devotional with a cool guest speaker. And then after that we get to watch a church movie or a talk! I have watched legacy since being here, and the testaments, and the joseph smith movie. All fantastic! We also get to take a walk to the temple for an hour on Sundays. It is basically the best day ever. This past sunday I also got to play the piano in sacrament! That was fun! When I got here there were probably like 50 people in our zone, so I didn't play. Now there are like 27, ish. And I think I honestly am the only one who plays. So I am so lucky and I think i'll get to play the piano regularly! What a blessing!

All the Cambodians
So I forgot to tell you this ever, my bad. There is another district of cambodians here right now. They actually leave today. For the first time ever two districts overlapped! They came in January, and they have been here for 12 weeks. So we got here and overlapped, and they are just leaving. And so we are the first ones to do Khmae as a 9 week language. So we love them all and we will miss them so much. Fortunately we will see them all in cambodia in a MONTH!!! That is so soon!!! They are basically awesome! I will send a picture with all of us.

On my p-day last week I went with my companion and found an empty room and just played a bunch of hymn arrangements! It was so nice and relaxing! (I hope you knew I took our books of hymn arrangements...I figure i'm the only one who plays them anyway.) so yeah, that was so nice! I will send those back before I head out. Also I'm excited to audition for a musical number with my flute! They have a music library here, so I think I am going to audition with Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. I found a random girl to accompany me, so hopefully it works out! I'll let you know. they have musical numbers in the devotionals and relief society and for the new missionaries. I thought it would just be fun.

It is so cool to hear about Nick's flyboard!! I don't think I can watch videos, but if there are pictures I want to see them!!! Nick, you are going to be a millionaire by the time I get back! That means you and I can travel the world together! You can pay... :)

My companion and I had our first TRC experience! IT WAS AWESOME! and scary. but great! That is when people who speak khmae come in from off the streets and we practice teaching them. So people other than our teachers! Okay, I just made them sound homeless, they aren't literally from off the streets... you get the picture. ANYWAY. We taught two people and I think it went really well! It is just so fun to practice what we are learning every day, and to make mistakes! Mistakes are the best and hilarious and I love them!!!! We planned to teach about how heavenly father loves us, but then one guy asked to learn about the plan of salvations... Yes! It was so great! We probably looked like dear in headlights. So awesome.

My companion and I
Okay, I'm sure there is so much more I could tell you about, but I can't think of it right now! Ask me questions, that will help.

I LOVE my companion. She is the coolest ever. While we walk around she just starts singing like really intense theme music/soundtrack type stuff. It is the best thing in the world. So I join in and it's too much fun. Also sometimes we just sing our words to eachother when we are planning and stuff. Essentially we are so funny. Mostly she is just funny. I LOVE HER GUTS!

I love you all!

Sister Homer

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