Sunday, September 28, 2014

Too close for comfort . . .


Well things are getting a little too close for comfort now, aren't they? But actually that being said, I think my preferred coping method is denial. It really has not hit me yet that I'm done anytime soon, so I'm just going to keep going with that and live the normal missionary life!

This past week was good. We actually had Zone Conference, which was SO COOL!! Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how great it was. But let me give you the highlights:
  • "If the mission isn't changing you, then maybe you aren't trying to change." Woah, that is true, isn't it! And I feel like that applies to life as well.
  • "Repentance isn't the back-up plan, it IS the plan." Woah. That one gives me chills.
  • Also, last but not least: TWO NEW PROVINCES ARE OPENING FOR MISSIONARY WORK HERE IN CAMBODIA!!!!!!! You don't realize how massive of a deal this is, but it is HUGE!!!! Probably this transfer when I finish they will be sending elders to these new places missionaries have never been before. SO COOL!!!! If you are curious, they are opening Prey Veng and Pursat.
So after zone conference was over I actually asked President Moon for a blessing. For a long time I have been wanting one, since trash mountain probably, but it just was never really convenient to ask for one. And then now that I am getting close to being done I've just told myself I'm fine and that I can make it to the end without one. But as I was sitting there in Zone Conference something hit me and I realized I was just being dumb. It doesn't matter how close to shore you are, if you are drowning you are drowning. And I realized I've kind of been drowning, and just because I was close to shore I thought I was fine. Fact is, if you are drowning, you are going to take a life jacket that is readily available, and that is kind of like what a Priesthood Blessing is, isn't it? A tool to help us stay afloat. I'm so grateful for the priesthood!

So we had a really cool lesson yesterday. We met this less-active who we haven't met for a long time. And we went and she kind of just spilled everything to us, which includes some law of chastity problems. And her life is just kind of in shambles. And it was neat because we then got to have a very real talk about her options and about repentance. The gospel just became REAL to her. Honestly lots of times I feel like we just go and teach and sometimes immediate application doesn't happen. But with her, the result was I gave her the Branch President's number and promised her that if she will meet with him her life will improve. And I believe that with all my heart. The gospel really is about change. I love that. Our life can always change for the better when we are doing it God's way. She found that out as well. When we follow God we are happy, when we don't our life often ends up in shambles. I hope she calls him.

Also I had another really interesting experience this week. I did another exchange this week. This time I was with Sister Fife, and guess where I was? SMC 3rd ward, AKA Trash Mountain! It was so weird to go back. It's only been two months but it almost felt foreign. When I got there that night and was looking through their area book and CBRs and stuff, I started feeling kind of panicked and anxiety. One, because I was there again, but two, because things were just kind of crazy. They weren't meeting with a lot of people that they probably should have been and they have a TON of investigators in trash mountain which we were specifically asked not to do. But then I was laying there in my old bed and just thinking, and I just felt very strongly that "I don't belong here anymore." That was my old area, room, desk, bed, everything, but it just was not where I was supposed to be. And I was so grateful for that feeling. I realized that I had been there at the right time for me and with the right companion, and now it's not my area anymore and I can trust that they are doing the work the way the Lord wants them to. I just felt so much that my mission has been RIGHT. I can't really explain that but, I just am so grateful for every area and companion, even the ones that have been really hard, because it has been so right.

I guess that is all I have this week. I love you!

Sister Homer

Zone Conference photo

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