Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Homer Birthday Week!


First things first, Happy birthday to Shawn and Dad this week! I'll be celebrating over here by visiting a lot of less active members and eating the Starbursts that Mom sent me. :) Also I might try to find a cake that kind of tastes like American cake. It might be possible.

This week was good. Actually it was kind of funny. Have I mentioned that we don't really have much going on investigator-wise right now? We have one investigator. But she is getting really busy and we couldn't even meet her this week... so... good! BUT, we visit A TON of less-active members every week. And I actually really, really love them. I just wish they would sacrifice and go to church. Also I feel like I am becoming the world's best visiting teacher. Seriously, watch out world. 

But really, it has been really interesting meeting with so many less-active members and just seeing all the different "reasons" for being inactive. Some of them still have faith but don't come, some don't even care at all, some run away from us when we go (those are the funnest). Mostly I feel like I am learning a lot from each of them.

This past week we found a less-active member, Ming Missy. She actually lives in a wat--the Buddhist temple places. And so we found her and she was really friendly, but she said she decided to go back to Buddhism because it is easier since she lives there and she's afraid if she keeps going to church they might kick her out. So that's rough. But we had a good talk with her. We talked about some of the differences in doctrine between the two religions. I was hoping that would help her see she kinda had to pick one. Which I guess she did, just the wrong one... but she said we can go back and keep visiting her. So we'll try to rekindle the flame. 

Also there is another member who I LOVE. Her name is Ming Sophie. She has been a member for a long time. Her husband was one of the first branch presidents. And she has been to the temple. Her son served a mission. But now, she has a hard time going to church. And Sister Allen and I (I'll explain) sat there and talked to her this week, she really opened up to us. She talked about how her family doesn't really support her going to church and how it creates a lot of family problems. And I could see how painful that was to her. I just wanted to cry. She really really really wants to go to church and this has been such a hard thing for her. :( Which led me to feel that I want the 2nd coming to come. Now. Really. I know the Second Coming won't be perfect, but it will be a whole lot better than it is now. And there are a lot of GOOD members here in Cambodia that are just exhausted because of how hard it is to be Christian here, and not just Christian, but a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It requires a lot, and that is something that this culture doesn't lend itself to very well. So let's bring on the Second Coming! (Will the 2nd coming even make that better at all?)

So as I mentioned, I was with sister Allen this week on exchanges. She came with me in my area. I don't have much to say about that besides it was really awesome. It was so refreshing. She is new in the mission, this is her 2nd transfer, and she had a lot of awesome ideas on new ways to teach some things. I learned so much from her! Also we had about an hour that we went contacting, and we had some funny, weird contacts! But no one was interested...

Also have I ever mentioned how people are just everywhere here? They are all always outside. I can't explain very well, but it's not really like America. I think the U.S. will feel kind of empty when I go there. But anyway, why I thought of this was, the other day we were riding our bikes and I yawned, and the next thing I hear is "WOAH!!!! THAT'S A BIG OPEN MOUTH!!!" Hahaha ,some random guy just yelled that as he watched me ride by on my bike. Seriously, so funny. You really can't avoid people watching you here. 

Well, I guess that is all I have this week!! I love you all! Happy birthday one and all!

Sister Homer
My comp (Sister Kean) and I

This is Ming Missy

These are the other Sisters in my house, kinda.  Sister Nov and Sister Earl.  I think I will take Mom and Dad to this restaurant too.  So yummy!


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