Sunday, July 13, 2014

The week has come

Hey guys,

Well, this is the week! Congrats to Nick and Chels in advance!! I hope it is a magical day!! My heart will be there with you!

Are you ready for transfer information?? Drumroll please.... 

I will be transferred, to an unknown location, and I will be training again!! I'm so excited to train! BUT, my new companion will be delayed in coming here due to a knee problem I think? President Moon didn't really give me many details. So in the meantime I will be serving in a trio still here in SMC 3 with Sister Khut, and Sister Ray will be coming with us as well. Once my companion gets here (maybe a few weeks) we will be going to a new area, but President Moon hasn't officially decided where he wants me yet, so he said he'll let me know. Also for the time being I will be a sister training leader over South zone, just me, myself, and I. President said he has some stuff he wants me to help him with, but I'm not sure what that is yet... Sooo, I'm really excited! I hope we can successfully make it through these next few weeks so I can meet my new companion!

Over the last few weeks I have emotionally not been feeling 100%, not quite depression, but kinda like that. But last Sunday we did a mission fast for three things: (1) Strength to resist Satan, (2) Healthy missionaries, (3) Heavenly Father's power to accomplish our goals. So when I fasted for our mission to have health I especially fasted that I could have emotional health, and I have noticed such a difference this week. I feel like I am back to me! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and knows our needs. I am so grateful that we did a mission fast and that I could borrow some other peoples' faith as well. Heavenly Father loves us so much!! How blessed are we to know that?!

Also yesterday our investigator Bong Lily got baptized. SHE IS AMAZING! She sincerely might be the most prepared investigator I've ever had. After being baptized she bore her testimony and talked about how even though her sins have been washed away she knows that she still needs to repent daily! I wish you could know, but that is a concept that just very few Khmer's understand. She gets it!!!! She really gets it! And then after it was all over she came up to me and with tears in her eyes thanked me so much that I went to teach her and without me she wouldn't know about the gospel and none of it would have been possible. Obviously, probably if I hadn't been here, someone else would have, so it wasn't really ME, but nonetheless, it was so sweet. I am so touched and grateful that I could teach her! She has blessed my life probably more than I have blessed hers!

I wish I had more to say this week, but I really don't... It was just a pretty normal week. I wish you knew these people I meet with all the time. I love them a whole lot. We break our backs trying to help them, and honestly only a few of them really act on it, but when they do it is worth it!! I just with everyone could see and know how important and wonderful this is!!

I love you all!!

Sister Homer

Royal Palace

We were trying really hard for a good jumping picture . . .

At the Palace

Sister Khut and Me

Bong Lily!!!

Sister Khut, Bong Lily, Me

Sisters Tieng, Chuong, Khut and me

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