Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey guys

Dear Family,

Well, I just saw a bunch of pictures that Teresa and Dad took at the wedding! It looks just adorable!!!! Congratulations, again, you two!! Sorry I didn't get you a present... yet...

This was kind of a slow week here. Sister Khut and I made kind of a big decision yesterday and decided to drop 6 of our investigators in Preak Toal (trash mountain). They haven't been progressing at all, but we have been hanging onto them because we don't really have anything else to do. But we realized that we should try showing our faith that Heavenly Father will fill our time with those He wants us to meet with. So, we'll see how this week goes! We plan to have a lot of contacting time! I want to help this ward so much, but we are just having a hard time knowing what to do! But I know that Heavenly Father can lead us to those who are ready!

I'm sad to drop them though, because I really love them. But, they just aren't making the steps they need to and mostly they just like meeting with us because they don't have much else going on in their lives. But if any of them start showing real commitment we'll pick them up again.

I want to tell you about one member in Preak Toal. Her name is Ming Jan. She has been a member for almost a year now and she is awesome! She, like everyone else can't read, so she has a hard time remembering any significant details about the gospel, but she is at church for 3 hours most every week, even if she has to walk. Not only that, her husband has a hardcore drinking problem and beats her many days. The thing is, she is amazing. She is the happiest, funniest person! (At least on the outside.) You would have no idea that her life has been hell. I look up to her so much. She has incredible faith. 

Also I want to tell you about two other blessings I have noticed throughout my mission. On a regular day after coming home from the morning proselyting I am usually quite tired and hungry, and definitely pretty thirsty, and yet throughout my mission as I have fasted it hasn't been too big of a deal. I'm kind of thirsty, but nothing too crazy, and the hunger is just kind of a normal level. By the end we are pretty tired, but you would think it would be so much worse. Biking under this hot Cambodian sun really is exhausting, I can't describe it. Yet when we are fasting there is strength that really shouldn't be there. How amazing is it that Heavenly Father can provide strength to our bodies even when we don't eat or drink?! I know He has done that for me regularly throughout my mission.

Also one more: the roads in Cambodia are generally not very smooth and have a lot of holes and stuff. And when we ride around during the day, I can see where I am going and I avoid the potholes to try to make it as smooth as possible. Yet, during the evening I can't really see, but yet for some reason I rarely hit any potholes. I promise, riding in the evening when I can't see is always smoother than when I am riding during the day and I can see to avoid the potholes. I don't know if I'm just REALLY bad at riding a bike, but mostly I think that someone is watching out for us during the night when we can't really see. This is something I've observed my whole mission. It's been a small blessing. Also, one more, the fact that I have had no traffic accidents is incredible. There have been times when it was physically impossible that I shouldn't have been hit by a motto or a car or something, and yet I never have been. BLESSINGS!!

So the big news this week is that Elder Sam Christensen has arrived to the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!! This was crazy. I was in the mission home Friday for the training meeting, and what not, and saw him! I don't know what's going on, because I've only been gone for a year, but Sam walked out of the mission president's office and I was like "what the?"because he is so grown up?!?!?! Was he like this a year ago and I just forgot? I have been imagining a much smaller version of Sammy coming to this mission. It was so weird! IS EVERYONE BIG AND TALL AND MATURE NOW?!?! Anyway, that was super cool to see him. And his trainer is in a really good area and guess where he is serving?... TUK THLA!! My old area!! I'm so excited for him! It really is a great area, and definitely a more clean area. :) 

Also I found out a little bit more about my new companion. Her name is Sister Christensen! Haha go figure. And she will probably be here in a few weeks. I guess before her mission she tore her ACL, and it was fine but then it started acting up in the MTC so they are just making sure she is good to go. In the mean time Sister Ray will be coming to join us sometime this week. She was in my same house with me when I was in TT, so I'm excited for her to come. I really like her. Though I'm a little apprehensive about us working as a trio. But, it will all work out. 

And I did meet those few girls who were stalking my blog before my mission! Haha they were so sweet! Sam introduced me to them. It was pretty funny.

On Saturday we also celebrated Pioneer Day in our ward, so that was fun! Happy Days of '47!!! 

Also, there is a new Sister in my house fresh from the states, her name is Sister Allen. And do you know what she brought with her? Colorful tape. We are talking patterned tape. Is that a new thing in the states? I literally never saw that before my mission. Is America a whole new place now?!?! 

I guess that is all! Love you all tons!

Sister Homer
Yay trash!

Riverton Park Ward representatives!!

This is the funny girl I think I got lice from! I actually love her a lot! But she is a pill.

I know this is pathetic, but I tried my best to match the bridesmaids . . . (but I took the necklace off for proselyting)

Cambodian dancing for our Pioneer Day celebration!


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