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Sok Sabbay tee teang ah knia? Khnom sralan krom kruasaa khnom! Hauy khnom nuk kromkruasaa khlang meen teen!!! Try and figure that one out. :) Muahahaha.

 sister Window's Birthday! sister Smock and Eekoo bought her a cake!
Anyway, how are you all?? I had another AWESOME week. Seriously, Kampong Cham has saved me. I found out the secret this week to loving the work so much. It is actually DOING the work and working HARD! Sister Window and I have really been working hard and I am loving it! Friday this week was especially good! We taught 4 member present lessons to investigators and then we taught 5 less-active and recent convert lessons! 9 lessons! AND we had 13 contacts! I want you to know that that is not a normal day! It was so awesome! And one of the Less actives was a lady who has been a member for like a decade, but she is super inactive. We hunted her down and retaught her how to pray. It was hilarious! we are going to try to revisit her again this week. Woohoo! Love this work!

Om French and her birthday cake!
Something else awesome that happened this week was one Tuesday. We have this other less-active lady, Om French. She is the one I bore my testimony to about the Plan of Salvation. We knew it was her birthday on Tuesday, so we bought her a little cake and went and surprised her with it. She was SO surprised! She was also so happy! She didn't even know it was her birthday because she hasn't celebrated it since she was little. You can tell it meant so much to her! Ugh I love her! I am going to get her to come back to church!!

I re-found a scripture this week that I really like. D&C 136:31. Basically we have to experience hard things, and in the long run it helps us! I love that!

So I'm accompanying a youth choir for our district conference that is coming up. They are singing a really pretty version of I stand all amazed. It is kinda stressful because I'm not really an accompanist, but it is working out okay! And it is fun to play the piano! I'm so grateful for all those years of lessons! Haha

This is sister Smock in our Kitchen.
Basically this is the funniest picture ever.
good timing on my part. Bad timing on hers.
And you can see our kitchen in the background
I love the rain!! It seriously cools down the air and you don't even know how much I love that. And yesterday I even experienced what i think people call "cold". It was super weird! and then I took a warm shower at night, which still blows my mind that we have here and that I would actually want to use it! wow!

So I have told you a little bit about Lookpuu Jordan and his wife Neakming Sleigh. They are doing so good! This week we've really seen them progress! Initially like whole lessons they would just be like "yeah...yeah...yeah" but now they are like adding their input and answering questions!! And they are praying! And their prayers are getting so much more heartfelt! We committed them to baptism for August 11th. I hope it goes smoothly! they are so funny and so sweet!

My shower and my toilet! Together!
also that little box thing is what heats my water!
It's magical!
I think this may be what nick had on his mission
Something I really realized the importance of this week (again) was how important it is to teach so that your investigators FEEL something. We can tell them anything we want, but unless they feel it they are going to act on it. We had some really good lessons this week and some less goods ones. And the results were obvious, some came to church, some didn't. Go figure! I'm going to work so much harder on that this week!

So a really big election is happening here and the voting day is this Sunday. All the American missionaries can only go to church and then we have to go right back home. All the Khmer missionaries have the opportunity to go back to their home towns to vote though. It is really exciting for them! This election is a big deal.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TERESA ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just growing up you little kitty you!

Okay brothers, did any of you start having really weird dreams on your missions, or is that just me? I have the WEIRDEST dreams all the time!

A regular street in downtown Kampong Cham
We have these rocks on our bathroom that like eat/drink water... I don't understand. We give them water and then the water just slowly disappears. It's not evaporating either. I think that goes against a law of science. The water can't just disappear. The rocks aren't getting bigger. The rocks also aren't going to the bathroom. Can someone research this for me?

I want you to know that the people here are such a strong people. They are so resilient. And they know how to work so hard. They also know how to relax hard. They are such a good people!

Me, like an hour ago! woohoo!
This is a new Cambodian skirt i'm wearing. So cute!
Also yes, as you have probably guessed,
I don't do my hair. I just let it go.
Someday I'm going to explain what it is like going to the market here. It is such a different planet experience. Pig heads. Alive fish swimming in nets. The most disgusting ground you've ever walked on. It's magically disgusting. An experience every one should have once. Mom, you would be dying.

Last but not least. I want to tell you about my evening last night. We found this baby baby mouse alien thing just lying in the middle of our front room. We don't know where it came from but it is SO creepy. We think we killed it's mom a few days ago... but it just came out of no where. I attempted to take pictures, but they are kinda blurry. I'll send them anyway. Basically the creatures here are just too much to handle. I can't even tell you. Lizards also share are house. That was totally okay because they are kinda cute... until I found lizard poop on my bed last night when I went to bed. Basically I hope I make it out of this place sane. Or alive. either one.
Alien mouse

I love you all!!!! I miss you!


sister Homer

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