Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello family!!

Another week here gone. That went fast!! I finally understand the phrase "time flies when you are having fun!" And let's be honest, time drags when you aren't. So I am so glad I'm having fun!

Happy birthday Resa, Taken about an hour or so ago!

This week was less busy with Pioneer day, which I'll tell you about and the election stuff and our service. We didn't get as much teaching done, unfortunately.

Sister Smock. She is stinking hilarious!
I love her!
But yes, pioneer day. They do indeed celebrate that here! It was so funny! They had a combined thing on Wednesday with all three branches. They had a few speakers and then some of the young adults did some pioneer dancing, Reel thing that the Senior Couple taught them. They wore some pioneer-ish clothes. It was so funny!! And it was so weird in this culture!! Haha oh man. Then they fed everyone traditional Cambodian food. it was fun! These members here in Cambodia right now really know what it is to be a pioneer. They are paving the way for the gospel here right now. I can't wait to see when it has flourished!!

Something I thought a lot about with Pioneer day is so much how our church really isn't just a church. It is a culture! And I feel so like overwhelmed for our investigators. They have no idea about pioneers and mission presidents and general conference and all these things. How essential is it for them to have a testimony founded in Christ and a good member friend to help them through those first months! It's crazy!

The rice fields!
This week we got a new investigator family!! It was a member referral. We met with the mom and 2 daughters once, but they dad wants to learn too, so we have to find a time they can meet all together! I'm excited about them! Honestly, member referrals is the way to go. These are the people who are ready and prepared. It's so fun! I've been asking everyone we meet with for referrals because I just know that this is the ideal way for missionary work. Hopefully it will start paying off. It already has!

So, it turns out that Asians don't really have freckles. They don't really get them. They don't understand what is wrong with my face..... This is slightly uncomfortable....

Sister Window and Me
Another fun fact about Cambodians is that they are SO blunt. "Oh sister, you look kinda fat today!" "Look at those fat American's exercising!" HAHAHA It's literally the funniest thing! They are especially blunt with Sister Window, it makes me laugh so so much! Ugh I love it! Hopefully I don't come home that way. I feel like that could be offensive.

Speaking of habits I might bring home. Something they do here is like... point with their lips...? I don't know how to demonstrate that with words. Basically yeah, they point with their lips. Anyway, I'm kinda picking it up. I think that's going to be weird when I get home. ALSO everyone always gives these like non-committal grunts as answers to questions. You just go with it. But it really is super annoying goes half your questions go unanswered. Despite how ridiculous it is, I'm starting to do it! Haha ugh! That one definitely will get on peoples nerves. Fortunately I have another year where I have free reign with it!

The Duo
This week we did another service thing. It was like all day friday, and boy was it crazy! We went and worked in the rice fields planting rice. It's crazy! It's fun. It's exhausting. But, the craziest thing happened. I was just standing there with my bundle of rice stuff planting it in the ground, when I notice there is a worm in my little bundle. So I look at it closer and realize it has a head. Snake. No go. Drop my bundle. The snake swims away across the water really fast. Well, that was all fine, it was really a small small snake. But the Cambodian Elder next to me was asking me if I was okay and he was acting kind of funny. He started to tell me something about that snake but then said he'd tell me later. He did indeed. Turns out that snake I had been holding was ONE OF THE DEADLIEST SNAKES IN THE WORLD! What????? Apparently if it bites you, you will start getting really sleepy and if you actually fall asleep, you are gone. Crazy! It really didn't seem all that scary cause really, the snake was the size of a pencil! Anyway, crazy! Thank goodness I lived!

Neakming Crockett who we were serving
But yes, the service was fun! And halfway through the neakming we were serving wanted to take us to show us this really pretty river area. So we did and I ended up in waist-high water! Fun! See pictures.

We taught a lesson this week. I told her that Christ had 12 horses. Not 12 disciples. Yep. Luckily she is already a member! I love it!

I found out Saturday night that I was going to be speaking in Church the next morning. So I quickly prepared a talk on Enduring to the End. I ended up reading 3 scriptures! It was probably kind of short, but I tried my hardest! Who knows if anyone understood anything. But it also worked out cause most of the branch didn't show up because it was election day! How cute, Teresa and I spoke on the same sunday!

The sisters
Sister Window and I both came down with a rough sore throat/cold over the weekend. let me tell you, these Cambodian sore throats are not ideal! But it looks like we are coming out of it. The work still goes on!

We also attempted to make cookies yesterday. At first they tasted okay... and then they really just weren't very good. Fail. Maybe we'll try again another week. I can't tell you how much I miss baked goods. BUT I have found a place that sales the must scrumptious banana muffins. Just like banana bread. I will be going there shortly after email. :)

Part of our zone. I am not in fact a midget here.
I just was in the deepest water.
That's about all I have this week. Sorry it's not super exciting! I love you all!


Sister Homer

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  1. Wow, it is so interesting to hear about their culture, habits, quirks, food, SNAKES, etc. Give Jessa my best!