Monday, July 29, 2013

A note from the editor

Hi everyone, Tianna here.  I'm the one who actually posts these blogs for our dearest Jessa.  Her mission president has asked that emails that get turned into blogs (like this here blog) should not publish real names.  Her options for me were to change names, for example, from Jessa* to J---- or to come up with a completely new nym for them.  I opted for the latter, as there are so many names and they're always changing, I think having a bunch of ---- in names would make it hard for any readers to develop a relationship (as much as one can, anyway, without knowing a person) with anyone from her mission.

I have made a key of real names and nyms in a google doc.  If anyone would like to know the real names, you are welcome to comment here with your email address (and real name if you comment with a nym), or email me at tiannahomer at gmail dot com and I will invite you.  However, as the whole point of this exercise is to keep weird creepos from finding real names through her blog, I'm going to give you fair warning: if I don't recognize your name, I'm going to ask Jessa for permission first.  Which means it will probably take a week or two to get you access to the key.

*I have made the executive decision to leave names from home, such as Jessa (obviously), Nick, Shawn, Teresa, etc. the same.  However, I am asking her her opinion about that, and if she disagrees, I will give them names like Bubba and Gertrude instead.  ;)

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