Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is the life!

Hey family,
Another week, already. Seriously, these weeks are flying. I haven't counted, but if I did I think the weeks I have left are surprisingly low. How does this happen?

This was another good week, actually just quite normal. Sister Mok and I just went to work all week. And it's kinda funny because, we have less work now than ever. Two stories:

We kinda have like hardly any investigators and so I've been praying a lot but also asking everyone for referrals and we've been contacting, etc., and earlier in this week there were multiple people who basically came out of nowhere with a desire to learn. And that I saw as a direct answer to my prayers. I remember that same thing happened in Kampong Cham for us too. Right before I got all those investigators, we literally had hardly any. It just took some faith and effort on our part.

Well, story #2, though we did have all these new people with a desire to learn earlier this week, nothing has really happened... so that's kinda too bad. I don't know why but they can like never meet us. So back to square 1. But I still really do think that was an answer to my prayers to see that there are people who want to learn! But also it's okay because even though we don't have many investigators, we have so many less-active members and some recent converts. So, there is never nothing to do. And actually a big part of me loves work with less-actives more than investigators.

Speaking of investigators. Ming Slippy. She is honestly super good. She was sick yesterday, so she couldn't come to church. She is supposed to get baptized on Sunday, but we actually found out something that is kind of a big deal... so we have to push her baptism back. I hope she will still want to learn and still be baptized in a bit. We just have to sort out some family things. There are a lot of issues here with marriages and multiple marriages and people not ever being officially married, etc. It's just a fun extra element. Hooray!

Yesterday we actually had a way awesome experience. After church we went and met with Bananaboat. She is a girl I told you about a few weeks ago. Well we met her and just kind of shared about Christ and how it's through him that we can have happiness and joy. And so of course a part of that was the Atonement. I bore my testimony to her that I know Jesus Christ has felt everything we've felt including our disappointments, hurts, sadness, etc. And that he really can help us in those times of hurt. And I just shared a little experience of my own. And then after we had kinda finished up our lesson Bananaboat said something like, "Sisters, how do you know what I'm feeling? I really am hurting right now." And that was just the neatest thing to hear. Not that she was hurting, but that what we had taught was exactly what she needed to hear. That honestly might be one of the first times on my mission that that has happened to me, that I'm aware of anyway. It was really neat.

I also went on exchanges this week to an area called Tuulkok. I was Sister Vorn's companion (Khmer) and Sister Davis came to Tuk Tlaa with Sister Mok. It was good! Sister Vorn is super sweet. It's fun to see the work in other areas too. OH AND GUESS WHAT!!! I went in another mansion. This one was crazy! We are talking like marble floor, massive staircase, servants!!! It was crazy!

Did you know that just before I got to Cambodia there was an Elder Elder serving here. Did I already tell you that?? That is crazy! That has always been my biggest dream to meet an Elder Elder and I just missed him! Ugh.

So, this is really awful of me, but sometimes Sister Mok says things in English, and she says them wrong, like pronunciation wise, but it is so cute that I just can't bring myself to correct her. My favorite is this: the word mosquito. She says it how it is spelled, which is with a "qu". So when she says it it sounds like mos-kweet-o. It is just the stinkin' cutest/funniest thing ever. So I really just can't put it to an end!

You don't know what this is, but I LOVE this food called Caek Cian. It's like fried bananas, but you don't/can't even understand how delicious. I'm gonna try and take a picture and send it. So good. I would mail you all some, but it wouldn't last. BUT I am going to try to learn to make it so we can have it when I go back!!

Hey, did any of you, my brothers, memorize D&C 4 on your mission and can you still say it?

I guess that is all for me this week! Love you all!

Sister Homer

Sister Davis, Ming Sang, and me, just like the old days!  (Also, look how tan I am?)

This is classic Cambodia.

Church building!  Super big and pretty, right?

The Church's name in Khmer.

Sister Vorn, Sister Davis, Me, Sister Mok.  (LOOK HOW LONG MY HAIR IS!!)

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