Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hey Family

Hey there,

What's up?! It's just another normal week here. Tuesday sister Mok and I biked into the mission home for our meeting. That actually was in fact hilarious. My bike had some problems with the spokes, so we decided to get it fixed on Tuesday and I would take an old bike of an Elder. Well, there is a reason this bike is out of comission. I can't even tell you, this bike was the worst bike ever! Haha, it was so funny! The pedals like don't function properly and I feel like I had to really concentrate to go in a straight line. And then we pulled up at a stop light and while we were waiting I definitely got pelted by some bird droppings from above. But the best part was that I didn't have anything to clean it off with, so I just rode the rest of the way to the mission home and let the poop dry on my foot. So, haha, it was HILARIOUS! I can't even tell you, things like this really make my day, because they make me laugh so much.

Something that Sister Kacher and I were talking about this week is how almost everyone's life here is like an r-rated movie. And the more I've thought about that, the more I think it is true. The things I see I'm sure are nothing to what other people see. And then there are the things people tell me. There are definitely some people who don't have that, but there are a lot whose lives are really extreme. Sometimes I'm sure you all wonder if (1) I'm crazy by my weird funny stories I tell or (2) if I don't take my mission seriously. But I've thought a lot about that too, and I think my reaction to the things that are going on around me is to just really focus on the happy and funny things that happen. It's really interesting.

Something I learned this week: It's not "for all intensive purposes" it's "for all intents and purposes". I feel like that's one of those things I should have learned a long time ago... Thanks for the heads up on that one. :)

Let me tell you about our AWESOME investigator Ming Slippy! She is amazing!!! I have seen her progress so much in these past couple of weeks. She was originally a referral, but I don't think she really knew why she was learning, I think she was just going along with it. But over time she has really become so interested. She has come to church for all 3 hours for the past few weeks. And when we go, she just sets everything aside and turns off the tv and pays really close attention. She can't read, so she tends to think she is not smart, but we assure her that she is. And she really has progressed. She is now really willing to pray when we go and when we read a scripture to her she tries to tell us what she got out of it. She is progressing so much!! And this week we went and I asked her about church and she said she loves it. She said that no matter what she has going on she's always gonna put it aside so she can go to church cause she likes it that much!! Woohoo!!

The other awesome thing that happened with her yesterday is that we really got the Relief Society involved in welcoming her, and it was amazing!! I think she really felt like she belonged yesterday. Actually yesterday for the first time ever I felt like I was in a Ward in America. It was crazy good! I don't think I've told you about her yet, but we have this AMAZING member who like runs this branch. She is the first counselor in the RS presidency and she is a returned missionary. She is pretty young, but she is so awesome. She understands just what needs to happen to help our investigators and recent converts and everything. She pulls so many things together. What a strong member!

So for the past week our room has somehow turned into a mosquito farm and it really was affecting my, and sister Mok's, sleep. We would get so many mosquito bites in the night and they would buzz around our heads. Super lame. BUT then we purchased an electronic mosquito swatter. Let me just tell you. I will probably take this thing to my grave. It's amazing! Also, it really is cool because it is shaped like a tennis racket. The past few nights I've killed probably like 40-60 mosquitos before I went to bed. I have so much fun. Actually probably too much fun.

You probably won't remember her, but I was teaching a lady in Kampong Cham before I left. Her name is Ming Sang. Well after I left, she kept learning, and got baptized. Well she just moved up here to TUK TLAA!!!!!!!!!! She is so cool! So we found her and met with her and then she came to church on Sunday!!! That was way fun for me. Also I ran into like 2 other people from Kampong Cham at the church building on Sunday, so fun!!

Well I guess that's it for me!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Homer

Milk fruit. Pretty!

This is a watermelon.  It's yellow!

Sister Mok and I.  We look tired, because we are.

This is the cutest girl, and she loves us!  And she loves to wear her tag like us.  Her dad is a returned missionary.

Ice cream with Sister Davis! (Ignore the red blotch in her eye. She has a bruised eye.)

Ming Sang from KC.

Ming Savvy got baptized yesterday in Pochentong branch!

LA we found yesterday.  Her name is Sonya.

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