Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey Family


This week was pretty normal, definitely not as yap as last week. :) It actually started off really good with us doing an FHE with one of our recent converts Elle. She was baptized last transfer and right now her two younger sisters are learning with us. Their mom wants to learn as well, but JUST had a baby so she wants to wait a bit. But they have like 9 kids in the whole family. So we did and FHE with them, and the mom and dad joined in as well. I have like hardly ever talked to the dad ever, but he joined! We actually had a really good time and I think that it was a really good thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the dad eventually is interested as well!

I've told you about so many people and investigators before, and most of them all actually come from the same little street called Vialkhsac. (probably pronounced more like wheel-kuh-psyche), but not really. Anyway, I basically LOVE Vialkhsac and all the members there. I get so excited to go see them. And it is so fun because you start at one end of the street and walk to the other and there are so many members along there. You can basically go from house to house. I will be so so sad to leave Kampong Cham when I do, most especially because I will be sad to leave Vialkhsac.

Yesterday Sarong Hatch was baptized, she is the girl who was baptized 10 years ago a week before she was 8. So we were successful! And this morning she helped sister Kuoch and I go take tradition Khmer Pictures. I'll probably be sending you pictures next week. Get ready, it's a laugh...

This week was honestly pretty normal, but here are some random things for you!

Have I told you this already, when it is super hot here and the sun is shining these people put on MORE clothes. It's like burning outside and sister Kuoch puts on a scarf and a sweater. They say it is cooler. WHAT? And she's like "just wait 'til the hot season, we're gonna have to wear gloves, stockings, etc." Girl, you are crazy. I think it's actually because they all just want to be white, so they are covering their skin. Actually they are probably just trying to protect their skin, but for me that is where sunscreen comes in. It is way way too hot for any of that stuff.

As far as freckle comments go, I had one of my favorites so far this week. We met up with an old investigator for a bit this last week and her son sees me for the first time and says, "look mom! her face is full of zits!" Hhahaha, oh how i'll miss these people!

Also this was SO funny! Obviously sister Kuoch and I help each other learn english and Khmer, and so we'll often learn random vocabulary words. So this week Sister Kuoch hold up her diary and says "Diarrhea!" Hahahahaha, I was DYING!!!! It was just the best thing that maybe ever happened. Haha, ugh I'm still laughing out loud.

Sister Kuoch also is just getting weirder and weirder, I think she's becoming more and more like me... But, I told you how she hits me all the time, out of love of course. But this week it escalated to her biting me! Hard! I now have a bruise the size of a quarter on my arm! Haha, she's crazy! And now she is threatening to bite my nose. I think she is serious. I'm gonna miss this girl when we split up. Haha she's so stinkin' hilarious!

Sorry this week was kinda lame, mostly it's just more of the usual. We do have a few new investigators who are coming onto the scene, so hopefully I'll have some updates about that next week!

I love you all!

Sister Homer

Sarong Hatch


Service this week, pretty!

My collection of book covers! Muahaha, so cute!

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