Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi Family!


I'm just going to get this off my chest to start. I know this is Lake Powell week. Pray for me.

Now to other important things, this week was SUPER busy and crazy! I LOVE IT!!!! Sister Window and I have quite a few investigators, and more potentials! Exciting stuff! Let me tell you about them:

This ice cream means more to me than you could even imagine.
Lookpuu Jordan and family: This family you have been hearing about for a while. They are supposed to be getting baptized this Sunday, and I think it all should go smoothly. They really have a hard time remember a lot, but they have the sweetest hearts. They come to church and stay as long as they can! (The mom has to go back to work after Sacrament). It is The dad, the mom and their daughter. I'm so excited for them!

Lookpuu Dora and family: Okay, this family is kinda who I was SUPER stressed about last week. They were supposed to be getting baptized this upcoming sunday as well. But long story short, we pushed their date back 2 weeks, which I feel so much peace about. They are so sweet. The family consists of Dad: Lookpuu Dora, Mom: Ming Sophie, and their two daughters: Srei June, and Srei Drey. The daughters just adore us, which is super cool. They come to church and it is fun because they live right by Lookpuu Lii's family, so they all just help eachother. Their Neighbor bong French became a member like 2 years ago, and she is what got all this started. She is awesome!! I'm so grateful for her help.

Bong Elle: She is just down the street from the first two families. She just recently started learning, but has so much faith and questions. She came to church yesterday! And she can read, and she reads! This week we got a call from her and her little sisters one night, asking if they could practice praying with us. Are you kidding me?? Yes you can!

Srie Peyton: She came from the Elders because they had a hard time getting a female member present. She is like 18 years old ish, and has a good friend who is a member. She is fun to teach and asks good questions! We have only taught her once, but I'm excited for her!

Moiraine: I've told you about Moiraine before. Let me tell you, she is often the highlight of my day. Earlier this week we went to meet with her at the church, and one of the first things she said was, "I want you to teach me everything you know about God." Haha...haha! Yeah!! So she is super fun to teach because she asks way good questions, you can tell this all really means something to her and she ponders about it. She is the one we are teaching in English. I also love it because she says she won't commit to being baptized until she is sure, because she really sees it as a commitment for the rest of her life, and with her family Buddhism complications, she wants to make sure she can commit. She understands the commitment, something I wish all of our investigators did a little more. But she has so much faith, and she wants to be baptized, she just told us she needs a little more time building her faith. She came to church yesterday though, and I think she liked it. It has totally changed from teaching her English to teaching her the gospel. I feel so blessed to be teaching her! So fun!

This is my zone from this past transfer!
So those are everyone we have been meeting with right now, there are a few more on the horizon, timing is complicated though. Exciting things! Do you know that with the new transfer came new missionaries from Provo?? I am no longer in the group of most recent missionaries. CRAZY. I have been a missionary for 5 months already... are you joking, that is crazy!! I haven't actually seen any of the new missionaries, but I assume they actually came.

Mom asked if I have to teach investigators about God and Jesus Christ, the answer is a definite yes. It's cool, because I get to introduce them to them, and it's also interesting because they really don't question it. They just are like, yeah cool. They also forget a lot. It's really neat though to see the whole process of them going from not knowing anything to having faith in Him!!!

The Sisters, none of us changed!
For random experiences this week:
(1) We went to meet with a member this week, and her house is conveniently located RIGHT next to a watt. Which is where Monks live and study, in case that isn't common vocab. I can't remember any more. ANYWAY. We sit outside and are teaching her and we practiced singing with her. We look over and probably like 20-40 monks are all just watching us out of their classroom windows. Hahaha, slightly nerve-racking. And I never told you this, but yes I see monks ALL the time. We have like 3 watts that we are regularly near and go through.
(2) I can now ride the distance of the local park with no hands on my bike. This has been a long-term goal. Just accomplished this morning. Life is good.
(3) I'm trying to build up my spice-eating capabilities. This makes for some fun meals. BUT by the time I come home, i'm totally going to be eating at least medium salsa. Have i told you all this before? I don't remember...
(4) Clearly my memory is going...
(5) Of course we all know about the usual Rootbeer Float, delicious. BUT have you ever thought of trying a pineapple Fanta float? I didn't think so. Well it's DELICIOUS. Take some raspberry sorbet ice cream and pineapple fanta, it's out of this world. More creations might be coming in the upcoming weeks.

Okay I think that is all I have this week! Have fun for me at Lake Powell!! I'll have fun for you here! Sharing is caring!

I love you all!

Sister Homer

This is a fairly standard house here, definitely nicer than anything I saw in the city. We teach on like this little bed frame kinda thing, I don't really know how to explain it. Everyone has it. It's made out of bamboo. Occasionally it's comfortable!

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