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This week has been great and crazy, again. Go figure! First, may I just say, I feel like every day I am on the tower of terror in Disneyland. Meaning I am like in bliss and then I am frustrated and then i'm excited and then I'm discouraged. What is going on?! When have I ever felt emotions before in my life?? This is crazy. I'm learning to deal. The scriptures help a lot, thank goodness!

So I told you last week about Ming Ranier. She came to church yesterday!!! WOO HOO! You can't imagine how happy that makes me. She is so awesome! We go visit her and she just knows so much and has such a strong conviction. She has read in the Book of Mormon from 1st Nephi to halfway through Alma. Are you kidding me?! So many members haven't done that. She is set up to be baptized this next Sunday! Fingers crossed. Pray for her. She will be a powerful member as long as she goes to church. :) I truly love her!

This is my ROCKIN Cambodian scriptures case. It's gorgeous right!
Who wants one? There are lots of options.
And we have my whole mission. So pretty!

Yesterday was a crazy day! First of all, sister melting got in a wreck with a motto. The motto hit her straight on and she flipped over her bike. Fortunately she has no scratches, unfortunately her back hurts. She went to the mission home last night. So we are on splits for the next bit. :( I can't tell you how much I appreciate living in the same house as sister Melting. She knows just what I am going through. (As a reminder, we were in the MTC together). Plus she is so so funny! I seriously love her! I hope she gets better fast. She is so tough and she HATES sitting out of the work. She is awesome.

Also yesterday, in the middle of sacrament meeting there was extra time, so my branch president was like we'll now here from Elder Home and Sister Homer......WHAT?!?!?!? You should have seen my face. I wish I could have seen my face. At this point though it was like "oh sure i'll go do this crazy thing that i've never done before!" So I just bore my testimony about essentially anything I could think of. Stressful! Fun! Crazy! Afterwards a returned missionary who served in Cambodia but who speaks english really well told me that my accent was really good! Wow! What a compliment! I'm sure that I have so so so far to go, but that was a little bit of positive encouragement that was nice to hear!

My new companion Sister Cheek.
Isn't she adorable?
So I have a new companion, Sister Cheek! She is adorable and hilarious! She is Cambodian and she has about 4 months left. She is like super spunky and kinda cheeky, it is HILARIOUS. She speaks english really well, but I try to speak to her in Khmer a lot. She is a get-it-done personality which I appreciate so much. It is fun trying to figure out how to work with her and sister Pechon all together. We are all quite different!

This week was kind of stressful because Sister Cheek was new so we had to show her around the area and stuff. Turns out I kinda led us around all week. I was so stressed! I've only been here 3 weeks, I don't know anything! But I know enough! So that was fun and I found out I know more than I thought.

You won't even guess what is happening right now. I am in the internet cafe and a young fellow on a computer nearby is blasting one direction... I don't think I even need to say anything more about that. Pure Joy.

The rain outside my house!
This week I had a funny encounter with a man named Henry. Henry is like 75 from Yugoslavia, but more recently from Australia. He is a very very very devout 7th Day Adventist. We were trapped in the same house as it was pouring rain outside. He proceeded to tell me that we (Mormons) do not believe in the bible nor follow God. His reasoning was that we Keep the Sabbath Day holy on Sunday, but the Sabbath Day is actually on Saturday, so we do not keep that commandment. He has studied religion for the past 40 years and knows so much. I really didn't know a good response to say to that. So I just bore my testimony that I know how and who we worship is more important that when we worship and my testimony about the Savior. I didn't really want to get into a bible-bashing session with him (1) I would lose (2) that is not why I am here. He was actually sweet about it though and honestly just cared about my salvation. I really believe that was his main concern. What a nice man! But it has me wondering, what is our doctrine on that?

my poncho. ha. a joke.
So, let the rainy season begin! At least it seems that way. Pretty much every day this week I was caught in down pour. It is so much fun!!! Ugh I love rain! I will send pictures. :)

Also, because it is raining a lot the temperature is cooler. I think there was a day this week that I didn't really sweat. You don't know what that means to me. I was working hard, don't worry. But I hardly sweat. Wow. Bliss.

Can I just tell you that I am so grateful for dishes. In a place where everything is crazy and foreign and not how i'm used to dishes are still dishes. And dishes still need to be washed. And I can wash those dishes. At the end of the day when if feels like I really did hardly anything to help here, I can always do the dishes and totally complete them. You can't imagine how much I love that. Weird.

I want you to know that I have had no major bug encounters so far. I am fully convinced that this is a blessing from Heavenly Father. Of course I am essentially one massive mosquito bite, but other than that I really think Heavenly Father has diverted the little devils. I have only seen already dead cockroaches! Wow! What a blessing! I'm sure it's just time, but I'm okay with it for now. :)

I love you all! Let me know what you want to hear about! Sorry this is all so random!


Sister Homer

My new comp and I in the rain

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